16 Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp As You Age

16 Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp As You Age


The brain is like any other muscle in the body. If you want to keep it strong, you have to exercise it. It’s common for cognitive function to decline as we get older but the more you exercise your mind, the less likely this is to happen.

Fortunately, there are many enjoyable ways to keep your mind feeling young and fresh. Choosing a variety of these methods is a good way to ensure that your brain stays as healthy as possible. Here are some things you can change.

Use Your Non-Writing Hand

Most people don’t even consider doing this. After all, it does make all tasks that much more difficult. However, using your non-dominant hand is a fantastic way to challenge your brain in a simple way.

Just by writing down a few sentences with your non-dominant hand, you can challenge your brain. You can also move onto completing other tasks with your non-dominant hand to keep your brain exercised.

Balance Your Diet

When you reach mid-age, you know what you like and what you don’t like when it comes to food. It’s not surprising that so many people over the age of 40 tend to stick to the same meals when cooking at home and when dining out. If you want to give your brain a boost, think about adding some variety to your diet.

If you want to cover all the bases, remember to add all the colors of the rainbow. Go for different colored fruits and vegetables throughout each meal of the day. This is the best way of knowing that you’re getting a balance of vitamins and nutrients that your brain desperately needs.

Puzzles and Games

It can get harder to play puzzles and games as you get older. This is simply because your cognitive abilities are not as sharp as they used to be. Playing a game of chess or getting started on a 5000 piece puzzle will do wonders for your sharpness.

It’s not just about being able to solve a game. Playing these games will boost your problem solving skills, mathematical skills, boost your vocabulary and much more.

Be Spontaneous

If you’re working a nine-to-five job Monday to Friday, it’s safe to assume that things get a little predictable. When you repeat the same routine over and over again, your brain goes into autopilot. You may even drive your car to work and wonder how you got there.

Doing something spontaneous will wake your brain up and make it start thinking for itself again. You may have to go outside of your comfort zone to see the benefit of this. For instance, try waking up early one morning and going for a swim.

Try Knitting

As a hobby, knitting is often overlooked for its brain power boosting. The truth is, knitting is one of the few hobbies that stimulates every area of the brain. For instance, cerebellum helps you to coordinate and time your stitching movements, whereas the temporal lobe reminds you of how to knit correctly.

You don’t have to be a wonder with a needle to get the most out of knitting. Simply attempting to get it right and creating something like a scarf is a great place to get started.


There are so many different ways to get pleasure from reading these days and all of them are good for your brain. For instance, many people are choosing audiobooks now so they can listen while they work or exercise. If you’re thinking that this may not be as good as reading words on paper, you’d be wrong- it has the same effect.

Similarly, reading books opens up a whole universe of social opportunities. One of which is attending book clubs. This gives you an opportunity to discuss your thoughts about the books you’ve read and listen to what others think too.

Yoga Class

Breathing is something that many of us take for granted. However, our brains work hard at sending the right signals to make sure oxygen is distributed around the body. Something else we often take for granted is movement.

Yoga is the perfect way to forget all other responsibilities and focus entirely on breathing, movement, and balance. It may sound simple but all of these are needed for better and clearer brain function.

Boxing Class

Yoga offers slow and focused exercise but boxing is more fast paced. Boxing is an ideal way to focus on strength and coordination. Your brain needs to be in it with you for you to succeed.

Your reactions need to be quick which means your brain has to be quicker. It’s a great way to stay fit while training your brain to be fast so your body can be coordinated. It’s also another opportunity to be social and meet like-minded people.

Drop The Calculator

Most things are put on a plate for us these days thanks to the advancements in technology. We don’t often have to think when it comes to everyday to-do lists because there’s an app for everything. Instead of using an app or calculator to track your finances, get a pen and paper.

It may take a little longer to get the answers you need but doing your own sums is an excellent brain workout. Even if you’re just picking up a few items from the store, add up their value before you get to the checkout to pay and see if you’ve got it right.

Card Games

If you’re looking for something to do while you’re together with friends, card games are a must. Not only are they a fun way to pass the time but they’ll also improve your brain function. Playing any card game means you have to think on your feet and see your winning hand.

It doesn’t have to be a game of poker if you’re not into gambling. There are tons of card games you can play with people of all ages to improve your problem solving skills.

Learn A New Language

Learning a new language has tons of benefits. The skill it takes to switch from one language to another will give your brain a boost like nothing else. In addition, learning a new language opens new doors to traveling and careers.

You may feel more secure about traveling to new places if you know you can communicate well in the country. Similarly, there are many career opportunities for those who speak foreign languages fluently. Everything from tutoring to translation, and more.


Can simply being mindful help to sharpen your brain as you get older? Absolutely! Mindfulness isn’t just about sitting still and breathing- it’s about training your brain.

Mindfulness teaches you to empty your thoughts and be one with yourself and your body. You have to detach yourself from the outside world and the stresses that come with it. If you can successfully lower the levels of your stress, your brain will thank you for it.

Be A Social Butterfly

As we age, our friendship groups tend to become smaller. You may have a few trusted friends that you like to spend time with but if you want to exercise your brain, getting to know new people can help. The art of getting to know someone new in itself is a workout.

However, striking up conversations with new people in new situations is extremely stretching for your brain. It may be nerve-wracking but it’s worth it for your brain and will often help to improve your mood.

Cut Back On Technology

If you’re scrolling through news feeds or reels as a way of giving yourself a brain boost, put your phone down. Technology is fantastic as an aid to convenience but it can also hinder your brain function. If you’re relying on technology to do everything for you, your brain isn’t being exercised as it should be.

To change the tides, consider using a map when you go somewhere new, instead of using GPS. Go back to basics and try a book, a board game, or go for a walk when you’re feeling bored.

Get Creative

There’s a whole side of your brain that’s dedicated to creativity so if you’re not doing something creative in your spare time, your brain isn’t being challenged. One of the best ways to get creative is through artwork.

Try drawing or painting, even if it’s for the first time. You don’t even have to be good at it. The concentration, creativity, and vibrancy will give your brain what it needs. Even when you think you’re no good, keep practicing.

Thought Provoking TV

Isn’t it such a pleasure to watch something that makes you think? Whether it’s a mystery, a documentary, a fantasy, or any other genre, if it makes you think, your brain is getting a boost. It’s just like reading a book that stays with you for weeks- good TV is capable of inspiring.

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