Debt Technology: How Australia’s First Online Debt Recovery Website Will Make Your Life Easier


The traditional debt collection process is often a stressful experience for businesses – especially small businesses who may not have the time and resources to chase up unpaid debts. Most business owners can’t afford to regularly write off debts that haven’t been paid as it can seriously impact the cash flow of the business and encourage late repayments in future.

This is when new, efficient debt recovery technology comes in

DebtCo is the first online debt collection agency website in Australia. They work with businesses of all sizes and backgrounds to recover unpaid debt using unique tracking and monitoring software. All it takes is a few clicks to upload a debt with its the terms and conditions for you to put your mind at ease.

Their user-friendly client portal allows you to track the progress of your debt live as it unfolds, from submission to collection. It’s this efficiency and transparency that enables them to recovery on average, 92% of debts that are submitted to them. In addition to the technology, DebtCo staff are highly trained and professional, and they know what it takes to get repayments happening without ruining client relationships.

DebtCo’s process is very simple and easy to follow – it all comes down to four steps:

  1. Set up an account and submit your first debt:

Creating an account is very simple; just fill out the basic form on the home page and enter the details of the debt you want to submit. The website allows you to add multiple debts which makes it a lot more convenient and will save you a lot of time.

  1. Your debt is then reviewed by DebtCo:

When your debt has been submitted, DebtCo will review the account you’ve created and the terms and conditions of your debt/s. Once your information reviewed, the collection process begins.

  1. The collections process:

DebtCo’s collection agents are highly experienced and trained in communicating with debtors in a way that won’t damage your relationship will them. They’ll work to recover your debt as quickly as possible. DebtCo ensures that their staff are friendly as well as professional so that your debts are recovered with efficiency. Importantly, you can monitor that efficiency live as it happens with DebtCo’s unique debt recovery technology.

  1. Payment Received:

When your debt is collected, DebtCo will notify you. A collection fee is taken out of the total, which is disbursed to your account within 48 hours. The whole process is designed to be as streamlined and straightforward as possible!

And it’s as simple as that. Contact DebtCo today to see how they can take the stress out of debt recovery.



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