What You Wanted To Know About 3D Printing – InfoGraphic

3D printing has gone mainstream in recent years and is changing the way in which we produce and manufacture things. 3D printers are creating new opportunities in almost every industry from food and art to technology, science and space. This unique technology has also placed the manufacturing process in the palms of consumers, by providing a cost effective tool to fabricate things they desire. While we are curious about the potential environmental impact 3D printing will have, there is no denying that this technology is here to stay. So, it is important that you remain informed.

3D Printing In a Nutshell

While TFOT has covered many aspects of 3D printing from open-house development to liquid metal printing, there continue to be new developments being made that remain unspoken about. Therefore, in an effort to be thorough we would like to provide you with this wonderful infographic by 3D printing company, Sculpteo that artfully depicts the history, process, and impact 3D printing has and will continue to have on our world:

3D Printing Infographic

3D Printing Infographic (Credit: Sculpteo)

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