iPhone 3G S Overview

Apple has released the next iteration of its iPhone, the iPhone 3G S. Outwardly nearly identical to the existing iPhone 3G at first glance, there are quite a few improvements under its covers. The new phone is considerably faster with increased storage capacity, has an upgraded camera with video support, includes voice control and a digital compass that reorients maps as you move, and incorporates cut and paste functionality both within a single application and across different applications.

The iPhone 3G S comes in two sizes – one with 16GB of storage and one with a 32GB capacity and is available with either a black or white finish. The new gadget sports a 3.5 inch touchscreen with a 480×320 screen resolution and a special coating which reduces the impact of fingerprints on the digitizer. The device supports all of the popular GSM frequencies and includes both 802.11b and g wireless and bluetooth for connectivity with other devices and networks.

The 3 megapixel camera includes an auto-focus feature as well as the option to tap on any object on the screen to make it the focal point in the next picture taken. It supports up to x3 digital zoom, accessed by double tapping, and automatically tags each photograph taken with location and time information. In video mode, the camera takes 30 frames per second VGA movies in either portrait or landscape mode.

The new voice control functionality enables hands-free calling simply by saying a name or phone number. The phone confirms you want to make the call then dials for you without any physical interaction. You can also ask iTunes the name of the current song or instruct it to play a particular album or all songs by a specific artist.

The addition of cut and paste functionality to the iPhone is a major step toward making the device a full-fledged PDA with viable word processing. The phone also supports copying multimedia items and mixed content with both text and video.

The mapping features, topped by a digital compass are extensive, offering not just maps but directions for both walking and driving, traffic information, public transportation schedules with stop locations shown, and orientation so you’re always looking at maps consistent with the way you’re actually facing. Furthermore, the device includes location search along with satellite and street views of your current location.

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The iPhone 3G S includes many other new features and improvements. Read more about the device on Apple’s website.

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