AXON Tactical Perspective Computer

TASER, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based company, has designed the AXON system, a tactical networkable computer that combines advanced audio-video record and capture capabilities worn by first responders. An audio-video earpiece imager, speaker, and microphone integrate into the two-way communications loop between existing radios and the communications headset, providing full audio and color video recordings of critical incidents from the visual perspective of the officer. The AXON head camera unit is similar in size and weight to a standard Bluetooth headset.

AXON is a tactical computer that aims to bring the power of incident video to every law enforcement officer or first responder. AXON delivers the ability to show administrators, supervisors, and even in some instances, jurors, exactly what occurred from the visual perspective of the wearer. TASER reports that AXON will significantly improve officer efficiency and accountability through reducing report documentation workloads while providing increased accuracy on final situation reports.

The AXON system is comprised of three hardware components and offers three modes of operation. The HeadCam, Com Hub, and ATC (AXON Tactical Computer) offer simple plug-and-play workflow, with seamless integration into the existing radio communication system through a standard 3.5mm headphone connection. Modes of operation include Normal, Event, and Privacy, which can be selected at any time; privacy mode temporarily suspends recording. In addition, the system has a built-in speaker, microphone, and RF communications, an internal real-time clock, a separate digital voice recorder for capturing notes in the field, and a built-in self-diagnostic system.

The HeadCam can be worn via the head unit, or it can be mounted through various accessories to glasses or helmets, which gives the wearer the ability to maximize comfort and usability. The Com Hub offers one-button operation to activate the AXON system for video and audio recording, and one push-to-talk button to activate radio controls, designed for easy operation under extreme stress and to reduce wearer distraction or confusion during use. The ATC utilizes the Linux Operating System, has a 4.3-inch touch screen display that enables playback and analysis of incident video, can be stored anywhere on the wearer, and has a 12-hour rechargeable battery.

The AXON system is integrated with SYNAPSE ETM and EVIDENCE.COM to provide the full range of recording, data transference, storage, and compilation of data from other AXON systems for complete incident analysis. Data transfer is completed without custom software or installation. The hardware is secure yet plug-and-play over a standard internet connection using a secure, 128 bit encrypted transport link.

SYNAPSE ETM (Evidence Transfer Manager) is a docking station that simultaneously recharges the AXON Main Processing Unit (MPU) and uploads all data captured from the officer’s point-of-view during their shift, transferring it to EVIDENCE.COM. Prior to data uplink, the AXON generates a digital fingerprint (using a double hash algorithm that exceeds IACP standards) to verify that the original file has never been altered. Playback for report writing is available prior to uploading; however, the data itself cannot be changed. AXON evidence is untouched by human hands. It cannot be deleted, altered, and is not stored in a general use PC. In addition, the evidence video is automatically transferred through SYNAPSE to multiple, secure, redundant, geographically dispersed data centers.

EVIDENCE.COM automatically links together AXON videos from the same scene. Revolutionary perspective-hopping technology allows viewers to jump between videos from different AXON units to see the visual perspective of each officer on the scene as the events happen. Both SYNAPSE and EVIDENCE.COM are built on a Microsoft-Adobe technology foundation. The system is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

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For more information, you may visit the Taser AXON website.

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