Luxofor Traffic Lights

Art Lebedev Studios has designed new LED traffic lights based on the concept that squares are more noticeable than circles. The attributes of the new traffic light enable customization and various modifications to suit different countries and cities needs.
The Russian Art Lebedev Studio has recently created an innovative version of the traditional traffic lights – Luxofor Traffic Lights, which have a rectangular shape instead of the more familiar circular one. Furthermore, the different parts of the Luxofor were made out of plastic, making it more customizable than existing traffic lights.
According to the inventors of the Luxofor Traffic Lights, the main idea was to produce square traffic lights that are more easily noticeable and recognizable, with a larger lit area (given the same overall dimensions). Another practical feature the Luxofor Traffic Lights offers is a timer for pedestrians – showing them how much time is left until the next red light (a feature which already exists in some conventional traffic lights).
Art Lebedev Studios created illustrations of the new Luxofor Traffic Lights for several large cities around the world, each tailored to the city’s character: in New York – yellow cases, and in Tokyo – with added loudspeakers, presumably to convey instructions at the walking pedestrians. Interestingly, despite the fact that the first traffic lights ever were implemented in the U.K., Art Lebedev has not included the country in the original concept presentation.
TFOT has also covered other products designed by the Art Lebedev Studio, such as the Optimus Upravlator and Optimus Tactus keyboard, two innovative input devices that offer customizable keypads.
For more information on the new Luxofor Traffic Lights, see Art Lebedev’s website.

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