Toshiba 32GB NAND Flash Memory

The Toshiba Corporation recently announced the launch of a new 32GB embedded NAND flash memory module which has full compliance with the e-MMC and eSD standards and provides the largest available density yet according to the company. This new flash module has an integrated dedicated controller and stacks eight 4GB NAND chips, which are fabricated using Toshiba’s advanced 43nm process technology.

The new chip offered by Toshiba is a collection of single-package embedded NAND flash memories that comprise of a controller to handle basic control functions for NAND applications. The chip is fully compliant with JEDEC/MMCA Ver 4.3 and SDA Ver 2.0 high speed memory standards that handle essential functions, including writing block management, error correction (ECC) and driver software. These standards are set by the MultiMediaCard Association as well as the SD Card Association and place guidelines for interfacing and simplifying embedding in products, letting manufacturers reduce development costs, increase their time to market, and upgrade new products.

The demand for memories with controller functions has been steadily rising due to the minimised development specifications and the straightforward integration into system designs. With this 32GB flash memory release Toshiba claims to have managed to secure a lead in the rapidly expanding market and reinforces the company’s position in manufacturing higher density modules.

The 32GB flash memory is able to record up to 560 hours of music at a 128Kbps bit rate, 4 hours of full spec high definition (HD) video and 7.3 hours of standard definition (SD) video. The HD and SD are calculated at bit rates of 17Mbps and 9Mbps, respectively.

The embedded devices are intended for application in mobile digital consumer products, such as mobile phones and video cameras. Samples should be available starting September 2008, and mass production is scheduled to start in the fourth quarter of this year.

TFOT already reported on several other Toshiba products including Toshiba’s G450 – HSDPA Modem Phone – a multifunctional device, serving as a mobile phone, a USB modem, a USB data storage device, and an MP3 player. The unit is designed to provide an easy way to link a laptop to the internet over a HSDPA (3.5G) mobile network, while simultaneously making and receiving calls. TFOT has previously reported that flash memory capacity might be doubled soon using a new flash memory fabrication process and nanocrystals which will reduce the power needed for writing data and will increase the number of possible write operations.

Additional information on the new 32GB flash memory can be obtained on Toshiba’s website.

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