The U.K. company trueCall has introduced a new device, carrying the company’s name, which promises the elimination of the various nuisance phone calls, such as telemarketing calls and fax calls. Although currently the product is offered only in the United Kingdom, it might inspire other devices worldwide.

According to trueCall, their device is the ultimate solution to numerous inconvenient situations one encounters when answering a landline phone. Users who tend to receive a lot of robocalls, market researchers, offensive or threatening calls, misdials, or wrong number calls might benefit greatly from trueCall’s device.

At the size of a paperback book, the trueCall device is plugged into the phone line at home or office. Every received call is checked prior to the phone’s ringing; if it is recognized as an “annoying call” it is filtered – and the phone will stay silent. This operation is achieved thanks to a parallel usage of trueCall and the Telephone Preference Service (TPS).

In the UK, it is a legal prerequisite that all organizations (including charities, voluntary organizations, and political parties) refrain from calling TPS registered numbers. Although this service sounds promising, it isn’t completely annoyance-proof; for instance, TPS can’t stop recorded message calls, calls from market research companies, robocalls and malicious calls. While using trueCall, according to its maker, these calls will be dealt with efficiently. This commercial video demonstrates the phone’s operation and benefits.

The device supports most phone models and generally it is compatible with almost any phone equipment, such as broadband modems, answering machines, and even SMS/text message phones. However, phone users that are behind a switchboard (like those common in large firms) or users with pendant alarm systems might encounter incompatibility issues. Furthermore, currently sales outside the UK are restricted and require a special request. Since the device is not patented, it is not clear if similar devices will be offered in North America.

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For more information about trueCall, see the company’s website.

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