Philips Radio with Voice Messaging

Philips has recently presented a stylish alarm clock with radio with voice messaging capabilities. The new gadget, Philips AJL305, offers recording of voice messages to family members, each matched with a dedicated mailbox. The new device also comes with slideshow features.

Users can start their day by waking up gently, as the alarm volume gradually increases. The alarm tone can be personally set, and users can set the clock to their favorite radio station. A recording feature enables the use of personalized ‘mailboxes’, as well as the recording of up to two minutes of digital voice memos.

A 1.5-inch color display (128×128 resolution) can be used for the clock, calendar, and the digital FM radio features. However, the display can also be used for photos’ thumbnails, allowing the alarm clock to double as a photo frame. The device’s memory enables the storage of up to 20 thumbnail photos, and it is managed using the provided PC software.

The AJL305’s stylish slim design offers the options of a table-stand or a wall-mount installation. Using the slideshow feature, the AJL305 can function as a dynamic family photo-holder. Although it is evident that Philips has invested in designing an elegant and ‘cool’ device, the relatively high £70 price tag may deter potential buyers.

TFOT has also covered the Glo Pillow, an alarm clock that uses light, instead of sound, in order to wake sleepers, and the Waterdrop, an innovative clock and personal weather station. Another related TFOT story is the WidgetStation, which is a unique clock, countdown timer, and alarm clock. The WidgetStation is accurate up to one millisecond and won the 2007 International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award.

More information on Philips AJL305 can be found on its website.

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