Solar Taxi Around the World

Swiss adventurer Louis Palmer set off on his promotional round-the-world trip last July, in order to call attention to global warming and existing solutions for oil independence. During his trip he has demonstrated the zero-emission, globe-trotting Solar Taxi to heads of state, environmental ministers of several countries, and officials from international organizations.

Since the beginning of his trip, Palmer has traveled through more than a dozen countries, including Germany, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and China. The trip began in a visit to UC Berkeley, where demonstrations and free rides took place. Chancellor Robert Birgeneau was one of the lucky passengers to get a chauffeured ride in the Solar Taxi.

The vehicle Louis Palmer has been demonstrating is a solar-electric two-seat taxi. When the batteries are fully charged, the Solar Taxi can travel for almost 200 miles; however, on a sunny day, using additional energy gathered from the solar cells, the taxi can travel up to a distance of 260 miles. The taxi’s top speed is 60 miles per hour and it needs no gasoline whatsoever.

For the first time in history a solar-powered car has driven around the world without any carbon emissions. Palmer is taking this trip in an attempt to draw attention to the problems caused by global warming while providing solutions for oil independency. Palmer states that by the time he will finish traveling across the planet his taxi will have been to 40 different countries in five continents.

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More information on Palmer’s Solar Taxi is available on his website.

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