HYmini – Hybrid Mini Green Power Bank

HYmini is a handheld hybrid mini ‘green’ power station. Measuring only 5.4 inches (134mm) X 3.4 inches (87.5mm), it uses three power sources: renewable wind power, solar power, and the conventional electric power outlet. The energy collected by the HYmini is stored in its internal battery, providing the user with a compact, portable device that can be used to recharge cell phones, MP3 players, iPods, PDAs, digital cameras or other 5V devices.

HYmini can harness wind power via its built-in micro wind power generator – a supplemental power source with a 65 mA capacity. It requires a minimum 9mph wind speed in order to start recharging. To indicate that the internal battery is indeed recharging, the wind turbine glows green. In order to increase the solar energy collection capacity, as many as four mini solar panels can be attached to the HYmini, each with a 0.7W maximum capacity.

A built-in 1200mAh lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery (with around 500 complete charge cycles) is placed inside the casing and serves as an additional power source. The HYmini can also be charged using a conventional 100~240V wall plug. When charging from a 110/220 power outlet, using the included AC-DC adaptor, the device has a 5V 1A max limitation. Power can also be stored into HYmini from a laptop or desktop PC USB, using the power station’s DC input jack. The HYmini is being sold at a price of around $50.

TFOT recently covered Philips’ Power4Life series portable energy chargers and a multi-charger called ‘Freeloader‘ developed by U.K. Company Solar Technology. This portable charging systemsupplies power from solar panels, the supplied supercharger, or via a charge cable that plugs into a computer’s USB.

More information about the HYmini can be found on its official website.

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