xTablet T8700 – Rugged Tablet PC

MobileDemand, an Iowa based Company specializing in rugged Tablet PCs, recently announced the launching of the xTablet T8700. Specially designed for mobile workforces, this shock-resistant rugged computer can sustain 4″ of rain per hour, 40psi for 10 minutes on all axes, and works at all temperatures from -4F to +122F (-20C to +50C). The xTablet T8700 supports Windows Vista and is equipped with an Intel Core Duo 1.2GHz processor and a standard of 2GB of RAM. This computer offers military rated ruggedness, high performance abilities, and an integrated numeric keypad, making it ideal for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor workplaces. The xTablet T8700 may be used by people working in field services, emergency services, construction work, food and beverage distribution services, and, of course, in the military.

The xTablet T8700 was designed to enable easy data collection which is often required in mobile workforces. It features an integrated numeric keypad, a lightweight optical module bar code scanner, and a USB powered credit card reader, making it a mobile point of sale instrument.

There are many battery options for the xTablet. One can choose between the standard High Capacity Li-ion Battery, a “hot swappable” battery, a High Capacity Belt Mounted Battery which adds 6000mAh (5 -7 hours), a Tablet PC Cart Battery (attaches to mobile carts such as ambulances), an Automobile Power Adapter which keeps the PC charged on the road, and a Car Adapter which powers the xMount Vehicle Cradle.

Unsurprisingly, the xTablet T8700 supports Solid State Drive (SSD). In addition, this device is equipped with xView sunlight readable display designed to allow easy viewing even in direct sunlight. A video demonstrating how the xTablet withstands some serious abuse can be watched here. The xTablet T8700 will retail for $3,795.

TFOT recently covered Roper Mobile Technology’s most powerful version of the SwitchBack PC, which is a Windows XP-based PC that meets strict military specifications. The SwitchBack PC is capable of operating in extreme conditions including rain, high temperatures, and shock. Its BackPack technology allows one to incorporate many devices, including cameras and biometric sensors into one BackPack. The attachment of the computer to the BackPack device provides a highly resistant, ultra mobile personal computer.

More information about the xTablet T8700 is available on the company’s website.

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