Sony’s HD Videoconferencing Solution

Sony recently unveiled the new PCS-XG80 system, which is the first 1080i high-definition videoconferencing solution. The new system features a high frame rate of 60 fps, backward compatibility, dual stream functionality, six-site multipoint conferencing, multi-language support, and an option to share PC data in HD at 30 fps. The PCS-XG80 system offers a high-end live video solution that eliminates the need to travel long distances and waste unnecessary time arriving to a meeting. The new system is expected to arrive in the market sometime in spring 2008, and will be sold for approximately $9,000.

Sony’s PCS-XG80 system enables users to connect through high bandwidth connections or through standard-definition legacy systems over IP and/or ISDN. With dual stream functionality, users can send two separate parallel streams of live HD information simultaneously. It is also possible to display live camera view and animated PowerPoint data in HD on two different screens or projectors at a remote site.

This new system is an expansion of Sony’s existing PCS-HG90 system. The PCS-XG80 features BrightFace, Video Annotation, and RF Remote functionality. In addition, wide band stereo audio and six-site multipoint conferencing with language support for 20 different languages improve users’ communication, helping them to understand one another more easily.

“We believe that the PCS-XG80 system delivers the best available video and audio quality on the market for large corporate organizations, as well as SMEs (small and medium size enterprises), healthcare institutions, education establishments and government bodies that are looking for cost-effective, proven communication technologies,” said Mike Sekiguchi, General Manager for Sony Electronics’ IPELA videoconferencing group.

TFOT recently covered Microsoft’s RoundTable – a unique high-end video conferencing system featuring a 360-degree panoramic view of the conference participants using five built-in cameras. The RoundTable system is designed to allow users from around the room to communicate verbally and none-verbally.

More information on Sony’s PCS-XG80 can be found on the company’s website.

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