Myvu Future Video-Eyeglasses

The U.S. Company Myvu unveiled new models of its video eyewear collection during the recent 2008 CES Las Vegas. The new Myvu Crystal and Myvu Shades are personal media viewers that can function as regular eyewear as well. Among other features, these devices enable hand-free use of portable media players, such as iPods and Zunes.

While one might assume that there is a trade-off between functionality and design, Myvu hopes that their new video-eyewear models – Crystal and Shades – have it both ways. According to the company, the new models enable the wearer to watch high-quality videos while maintaining a fashionable look (as long as you consider the Jordie Laforge look fashionable). With this combination, Myvu hopes that the new video-on-the-go trend will have an actual chance of becoming more than just a passing fashion.

Myvu Shades features a glance-down design, allowing viewers to maintain true situational awareness. This unique design provides a broad and unobstructed field of view, enabling users to enjoy new applications and uses that could not be enjoyed previously. The two models also include a rechargeable battery, with up to 10 hours of viewing time for Shades and up to 4 hours of viewing time for Crystal. Earbuds are also included, so that wearers will be able to listen to the video’s audio track.

The new Myvu line features Kopin’s CyberDisplay technology, offering higher pixel density and sharper resolution than the previous models. The new design includes a 400% improvement in resolution, currently at VGA (640×480) quality. Another improvement is the 35% increase in field of view, and the relatively high durability.

Myvu Shades and Crystal work with a wide variety of portable media players, including all iPod video models, Sandisk’s SansaView, Microsoft’s Zune, mobile phones with video functionality (such as the Nokia N95 and select Samsung models), portable DVD players, and various compatible game consoles. Kip Kokinakis, President and CEO of Myvu Corporation, recently said: “As portable media players get smaller and flat-screen TVs only get bigger, consumers are faced with a dilemma – the desire for portability mixed with the need for a comfortable viewing experience”. Naturally, he is offering the Myvu Shades and Crystal as a solution.

TFOT recently covered TDVisor, a video eyewear technology developed by TDVision, which was also showcased at the 2008 CES. In 2007, TFOT covered the innovative thin Israeli Lumus – video-eyeglasses.

More information on the new video glasses can be found in Myvu’s press release.

Image: Crystal 701 on CES 2008.

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