Zigview S2 Digital Viewfinder

Zigview is the world’s first digital angle viewfinder for digital and film SLR cameras. Targeted at semi-professional and professional photographers, it is useful for low angle photography as well as for high angle situations such as press work, where it is impossible to see the subject when taking pictures over crowds. The new Zigview S2 has a display module that rotates up to 300 degrees and can flip up and down by 180 degrees. The device can also be separated from the camera, using an accessory video transceiver cable. The Zigview may help photographers see the subject of their photograph even when they cannot look directly into the viewfinder.

Zigview is attached to the eyepiece of a digital or film SLR cameras and displays the image seen through the lens in real time, so that there is no screen lag time. The Zigview S2 Digital Viewfinder has a highly sensitive 2.5inch (230k pixel) LCD screen. It also features a NTSC/PAL Video Output jack so the image can also be viewed on any video monitor. The Zigview S2 employs a user changeable standard ENEL5 rechargeable battery.

The Zigview S2 is equipped with image sensing and display modules, which enables the screen to rotate by 300° and to flip up and down by 180°. The photographer can also monitor the Viewfinder’s image from a distance of up to 40ft away, by separating the image sensing module and display module via an accessory video transceiver cable.

In addition, the Zigview S2 has a programmable motion detector sensor and a sophisticated intervalometer, making it ideal for nature and macro photography. The motion sensor fires the shutter when movement is detected based on changes in brightness levels in nine areas of the viewfinder image. The sensitivity of each trigger is variable to allow movement in parts of the field of view. The intervalometer can be set to fire the shutter over a period of up to 999 days with exposure intervals of between ½ a second to 99 days.

The Zigview S2 is available in three models, each model includes interchangeable eye pieces for specific camera models and has a different set of optics specifically designed for different groups of cameras. A chart specifying the different models can be seen here. The street price of the device is around U.S. $500.

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More information on the Zigview S2 can be found on the ARGRAPH Corp. website.

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