Underwater Digital Camera Mask

The Liquid Image company, based in Sacramento, CA (formerly known as Zocker Toys), has unveiled a 5.0 MP underwater digital camera mask. The company presented the new device at the 2008 CES show, currently taking place in Las Vegas. Unlike other underwater cameras that require the diver to hold the camera while taking pictures, Liquid Image’s camera mask is hands free. The camera is integrated into a diving mask, allowing one to take pictures of marine life while swimming freely.

When the user wishes to take a picture or a video, all he or she must do is make sure that the crosshair marks on the mask are in line with the object and press the ‘capture’ button. The LED lights inside the viewing area indicate the camera’s current mode. A short video taken with the Camera Mask can be found here.

The digital images can be downloaded to a computer via a USB cable. One can edit images and videos by using the included ArcSoft software. The digital underwater Camera Mask is available in a 3.1 version, capable of taking pictures in a 5M depth, and in a 5.0 MP version that works in a 30M depth.

The camera is equipped with a 16 MB SD RAM internal memory that can be upgraded via the Micro SD card slot. The 5MP model offers High Res (5.0 MP) and Low Res (3.1MP) shooting modes, as well as a 18-25FPS VGA video mode. The camera’s minimum photographic distance is 1.2m (5ft) and it is powered by two AAA alkaline 1.5V batteries. The Underwater Digital Camera Mask will be released for sale in spring 2008 at a price of $99.

TFOT previously covered a few innovative digital cameras, including Zigview – the world’s first digital angle viewfinder for digital and film SLR cameras, POV. 1 – a durable, waterproof, dustproof and shock resistant video camera, and a wireless USB (WUSB) technology for cameras developed by the semiconductor company Artimi.

More information on the Underwater Digital Camera Mask can be found on the company’s website.

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