Yego – Flash Memory and Hub in One

The Taiwanese company Ritek (under the Traxdata brand) recently announced the release of a new type of USB flash drive which includes a small two port integrated hub. The new device, which will launch with a capacity of 2GB, will allow users to create a useful combination of USB extensions and large data drives.

If you thought it is no longer possible to come up with innovative USB drives, think again. Ritek’s Yego (derived from its Y-shaped build) has an interesting design and some good functionally to boost.

The Yego USB is just another one in a long line of innovative USB based products covered in TFOT in recent months. These products include Moixa Energy USB Cell battery/USB combo, Pretec Electronics bulletproof USB flash drive and PlantSense USB Plant Sensor.

Ritek’s Yego flash drives come in capacities ranging from 128MB to 4GB and in three different color schemes. More info on the innovative flash drive can be found on Ritek’s website.

Image: A Yego “tree” made out of five Yego drives connected together (Credit: Ritek).

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