Autonet – Car WIFI

Autonet Mobile, a California based company, claims to be the first company that will allow a 24/7 broadband Internet connection in your car.

With a small router connected to your car cigarette lighter you will have a Wi-Fi hotspot in your car, allowing you to connect any Wi-Fi enabled device such as laptops, PDA’s, mobile media players, Wi-Fi cameras, Wi-Fi phones, portable consoles and more. The device in portable and can also be connected to an outlet in your hotel room or camping site.  

Since the router uses the 3G and 2.5G cellular data networks it has complete coverage of US metropolitan areas and over 95% coverage of US roads Autonet Mobile promises net-surfing speeds of about 600-800Kbps for downloads and 200Kbps for uploading. 

In order to enjoy this service you will have to part with $399 for the device and another $50 monthly subscription fee of unlimited data.  

Do you really need it? Probably for less than 50 bucks a month you can use your cellular phone to check your mail and look for local information on the net when traveling. On the other hand, Autonet Mobile recently signed an agreement with Avis Rent a Car who are offering the device to their customers at the additional cost of only $10.95 per day, with the potential to dramatically reduce cellular phone roaming fees and the payment for Internet cafes services.  

More information about Autonet Mobile device can be found on their website.

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