Singing Bag

The British company Eleksen, which develops fabric-embedded control technology called ElekTex for clothes as well as electronics, has joined hands with Microsoft to develop a new way to implement “Windows Sideshow” – a new feature incorporated in the upcoming Vista operating system – creating wearable display modules.

What is “Sideshow” you ask? Well, SideShow is a new technology that lets Windows Vista control small auxiliary displays to present images, videos, music, etc. SideShow displays would usually be integrated on the cover of a laptop computer operating Windows Vista and enable the user to perform certain actions while the laptop is in standby mode, i.e., without opening or turning on the laptop. SideShow technology requires very little energy to operate and will enable many hours of music to be played without draining the laptop battery.

Together with Microsoft, Eleksen took the SideShow technology one step further by combining ElekTex, which is integrated into computer bags, briefcases, backpacks, and even garments, with a SideShow display. This way the laptop battery can power the Sideshow MP3 player even when the laptop is shut down and inside the bag. Depending on the application, the SideShow module can receive data from the laptop either wirelessly through Bluetooth or via a USB connection.

The model recently presented by Eleksen has a 2.5″ LCD display on a briefcase lapel that displays both portrait and landscape images and allows navigation and access to information stored in the on-board memory cache. Additional controls may be added for enhanced functionality or to support new applications such as MP3 playback, photo album show, video clips, etc.

Eleksen’s Sideshow has not reached the market yet, but it has the potential to create many innovative products in the near future.

More information can be found on Eleksen’s Sideshow webpage.

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