Wireless Dragonfly

WowWee Robotics, famous for its remote-controlled robot dinosaurs, is preparing to launch an innovative new flying robot in the shape of a dragonfly. The flight of the robotic FlyTech Dragonfly is controlled by a small remote, which is also used to recharge the robot, providing it with about 10 minutes of flying time per 15-20 minutes’ charge. The dragonfly robot is equipped with two sets of ultra thin flapping wings for flight indoors or outdoors in very calm winds. It has a range of about 45 m/150 ft. and two flying modes – beginner mode for more gentle turns and expert mode for swifter and more complex trajectories.

Although the dragonfly will be marketed as a toy, future flying robots based on the same technology could have real world applications for search and rescue teams, police, security, and the military. For such operations, the dragonfly’s basic design would have to be made more stable for flight in stronger winds and would be equipped with sensors, cameras, and microphones to relay images to the robot’s remote operator.  

No launch date or pricing have been disclosed but a video, pictures, and the operating manual appear on the FCC’s website.

Update: The Dragonfly is now avaliable on the WowWee Robotics website.

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