NeonClick – Lego-Like Neon Sign

Want a neon sign for your store, business, or home? Here’s an interesting solution from International Robotics. NeonClick are individual, colored neon letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuations, which reside within transparent, fire-resistant, plastic casings that snap together like Lego blocks to create a word or a phrase of your choosing. Besides the neon blocks, all that’s required is to connect to a special power supply and you’ve got yourself a recyclable, low voltage neon sign that lasts over 10,000 hours.

A relatively cheap solution – less then $5 a block and $30 for the power supply, new NeonClick signs can always be recreated using blocks from your dismantled sign or by purchasing new individual blocks to complement your stock. Since neon light consumes relatively little power, running costs are low. The letters are connected in parallel; hence, if one letter goes down, the others will still function and only the broken one will need to be replaced. Parallel operation also allows for various special effects, such as blinking or flowing, using just one transformer.

Unlike traditional high voltage neon, NeonClick is low voltage and safe to handle. Since neon is inherently a cold light source (98 degrees F / 37 degrees C), it’s not hot to the touch. NeonClick also employs a number of safety features such as an analog human protection circuit, which shuts off the device if input voltage power exceeds the predefined voltage.

The blocks, which come in various sizes and in three colors – pink, green, and blue – are sold separately or as a full kit at International Robotics.

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