Pong LED Table

Wanna help move things along at a party or create a gathering in a bar or a restaurant?

After the Philips Entertaible, the Kloss DeLighTable, and the Sensitive Floor comes the latest in interactive social environment furnishings – the Moritz Waldemeyer Interactive Pong LED (light-emitting diode) Table.

High tech designer Moritz Waldemeyer recently created the Pong LED table as well as another interactive table design called the Roulette Table modeled after the classic casino game. The Pong table has an aluminum base and a tabletop made of DuPont Corian (acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate) in which 2,500 LEDs are integrated. Along with two track pads, the lit table recreates the classic Pong game. When turned off, the integrated technology disappears, revealing a simple, white dining table.

Both table designs were on display in the Rabih Hage Gallery in Kensington during the London Design Festival in September 2006. No price or availability information regarding the Pong or casino tables were provided.

More images can be found on Moritz Waldemeyer’s blog and webpage.

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