Luminetx VeinViewer

U.S.-based Luminetx has developed the VeinViewer to afford medical professionals a quick and convenient look at a patient’s vasculature. A near-infrared LED (light emitting diode) source differentiates red blood cells of subcutaneous veins from surrounding tissues and arteries. Using a detector and a computer, the VeinViewer then digitizes received near-infrared light, produces an image, and projects real-time images of their locations back onto the surface of the skin of the patient. The low intensity near-infrared LED light source is safe to use, causes no harm to tissues, and is accurate regardless of a patient’s age, size, or ethnicity.

The technology developed by Luminetx is similar in many respects to the palm vein biometric technology developed by Fujitsu. Luminetx is actually promoting its own biometric vein technology, "Snowflake", to rival Fujitsu’s. The VeinViewer is a mobile unit suitable for clinics and hospitals. Its $25,000 price tag is a small price to pay to avoid puncturing a vein in vain.

More details and videos of the VeinViewer are available on the Luminetx website.

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