SpareOne – the 15 years Emergency Mobile Phone

The SpareOne mobile phone
SpareOne is a unique product – using a single AA battery it can last unused for 15 years and can be used to make a an emergency phone call almost anywhere in the world and it even includes a built in torch light.
Natural disasters seems to happen more and more these days, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes or even just blackout during your average storm can all catch you looking for an emergency. Having a cell phone you can trust to work during this critical time should be an essential piece of any emergency kit.
Even without a natural disaster more mundane emergencies happen all the time and having a reliable mobile device is imperative. The SpareOne is a simple to useemergency mobile phone which can work almost anywhere around the world (apart from Japan and Korea), the SpareOne can contact emergency services without using any SIM card and has a built in torch that can last 24 hours. It also comes with an automatic text reply function which will reply with an automatic text response informing whoever send your  SpareOne  an SMS that you cannot read text messages and can be reached via phone calls instead.
Although you don’t have to have a SIM card to call emergency services you can still insert a local SIM from your existing mobile phone which might be out of battery during an emergency to continue sending and receiving calls from your original phone number.
The SpareOne comes in a waterproof bag which is floatable and can even be fully submerged. In case you find yourself surrounded by water you can use the SpareOne to talk-through its cover so to not damage it. The SpareOne can also operate in extreme temperatures ranging from a freezing -22F and up to 140F which lets you call for help when other mobile phones no longer work.
Possibly the most interesting part of the SpareOne is its battery life. Using the recommended Energizer Ultimate Lithium battery which has a claimed shelf life of 15 years you can get us to 10 hours of talk time and you can always carry a spare AA battery in your emergency bag for some extra change – something you typically can’t do with your normal smartphone.
A SpareOne cost about $90 and you can buy it directly from the SpareOne website.
The following is a video of why you might need the SpareOne

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