SmartType Keyboard Won’t Let you Miss a Word

Smartype – a keyboard with a screen
Smartype is a new keyboard which includes a long narrow display which can show what you type as you type it for improved typing experience plus giving you another piece of screen real state for tiny useful applications.
According to its developers Smartype should have the following benefits:
  • It should reduce typing errors (as you see what you are typing without moving your head).
  • It could increase your typing speed (if you don’t need to move your head/eyes all the time and fix typing errors your typing speed should improve).
  • It should reduce eye and neck strain (less back and forth movement between the screen and the keyboard).
  • Improve your concentration (less distraction while you type from too much onscreen information).
  • Smartype applications could potentially increase productivity (although these might cause its distractions of their own).
Applications could prove to be a big selling point for the keyboard. Only a few have been suggested at this point including a facebook app, a twitter and a PC meter app for monitoring your computer resources. However many other possibilities exist including apps for gaming, Gmail, RSS, news updates and more.
The Founder and President of KeyView – the company behind Smartype is Mr. Dov Moran (the inventor of the USB flash drive and CEO of M-systems which was sold to Sandisk for 1.6 billion dollars back in 2006). This is just one of Moran’s startup projects in recent years, some have not been as successful as M-systems, but Moran doesn’t seem to be deterred by these setbacks and KeyView is should supposedly start selling Smartype keyboard in Israel and is negotiating with several U.S. retailers (including best buy).
The Smartype should cost around $99 and more information about it can be found on KeyView’s website.

A video showing the Smartype

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