On March 22 Angry Birds will go to Space

Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space
Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds – one of the most successful computer games in history is planning to release a new version in what it refers to as the biggest launch since the original game was released in 2009. The new game will take place in a space environment and will include several features.
Angry Birds Space will be the fourth major release of the game and will include several changes including birds movement in zero gravity, slow-motion as well as “lightspeed” bird devastation. in order to help promote the educational side of the game Rovio partnered with NASA and National Geographic (although what this partnership entails exactly is not clear yet).
Another welcome edition confirmed by Rovio for Angry Birds Space will be a completely new type of bird with innovative superpowers. The Finnish computer game developer is said to reveal more details before the scheduled launch next month. Meanwhile an early (and not too revealing) trailer of the upcoming Angry Birds Space game has been released by Rovio and can be viewed here.
Beside the new game, Rovio is potentially planning a movie as it was hinted last year. Movies might be a way for Rovio to make money and increase the exposure of the game in the future, but in the meantime the company it already selling over 1 million dolls and other official merchandise each month through its online store.
In May 2011 TFOT reported on one of Rovio’s earlier big moves from mobile platforms to the personal computer thanks to some help from Google. The computer version of Angry Birds can be downloaded for the app store of the chrome browser and played on the big screen just like they are used to on mobile devices (minus the touch screen).

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