Olympus LS-20M HD Audio/Video Recorder

Olympus is well known for its high quality voice recorders for many years. Recently the company introduced a new type of recorder which can record both high quality sound and high resolution (1080p) video.

The compact Olympus LS-20M incorporates some of the technologies created for its camera line the device is the first Olympus recorder that can both capture and edit 1080p video. At the same time the unit can also record high-definition audio up to 24 bit/96Hz Linear PCM stereo sound.

The Olympus LS-20M also Combines four different optional Magic Movie special effects features much like the PEN line of cameras the company has. The unit is aimed at people who are interested in recording music performances, sporting events, meetings or any other type of event which can benefit from high quality audio and video recording.

The unit has a rather small display (2 inch) but this was done in order to maintain the device small footprint.The unit also has a tiny 1.46 inch data display that displays time, audio levels and battery life.

The LS-20M has autofocus lens and 4x digital zoom (optical zoom is probably too much for such a small unit) and the video is compressed in a way that should make it easier to upload the content online.

On the sound front the unit has several advanced settings including a switchable low-cut filter that enables users to eliminate low-frequency sounds and unwanted background noises, like coughing. Collaborating musicians who want to monitor the recording progress on the fly can do so with the built-in speaker.
Another interesting feature of the Olympus LS-20M is voice-activation which automatically starts a recording when a certain level of sound is reached. Another option is a self-timer feature which starts the recording process after a predetermined amount of time.

At the end of the day the Olympus LS-20M is probably one of the smallest HD voice/video recorders on the market. At just 5.3 inches long and 5.4 ounces, the LS-20M can fit almost any pocket and can be a useful tool for both journalists, artists and gadget lovers alike.

As for price the unit will be available in June for around $300. It comes with 2GB of SD card and can handle up to 32GB of SDHC. The device charges using a USB cable and also has an HDMI for connecting it to an external display or a TV. More information can be found on Olympus’ website.

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