First Images of the Upcoming Sony NEX-3C Camera

Earlier today several images of what is apparently the upcoming new mirror-less camera from Sony have been revealed. The new design seems sleeker and includes several new features compared to the previous NEX-3 model.
The upcoming Sony NEX-3C

Sony introduced its NEX-3 in May 2010 together with the very popular NEX-5 compact mirror-less camera capable of changing lenses. Almost a year later and despite the earthquake in Japan Sony is making signs which seem to indicate that the next model is ready for immanent release. How is the new NEX-3C different than its predecessor?


  1. New 16.2MP sensor (the old version had a 14.2 sensor).
  2. A new design – round edges.
  3. Different arrangement of keys.
  4. A new flash. Like the previous model the new one has an LCD capable of changing angles and HD capability (currently it’s unknown if it supports 720p or the higher 1080p that the more advanced NEX-5 can capture.).
Other than that no information is known at this stage but it is clear that Sony is about to release the camera very soon. Sony is also said to be working on two other more advanced cameras – the semi-pro A77 and an upper member of the NEX family called NEX-7 – both are expected to appear around September this year according to some rumors.TFOT covered many camera related technologies and products in the past, including the Panasonic’s Interchangeable 3D Lens, General Imaging GE PJ1 Camera, and the 007 Micro HD Camera.

More images can be found here: sonyalpharumors.

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