How the Online Gaming Industry will Develop with the Introduction of Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a new technology for working with code and images, when resources and objects are no longer generated by a person, but by the system itself, relying on its own training and studied materials.

Roughly speaking, if such a machine looks through 1000 paintings of famous artists, then it will begin to integrate them into its own paintings with a constant increase in quality, ranging from terrible to unique masterpieces and all due to the fact that the machine learns from its actions, never stops and makes thousands of attempts.

Naturally, this is a treasure trove for game developers and here’s why:

  • You need to create a detailed world and draw out all the aspects that the AI can help with.
  • Dialogues – thousands of lines of text, or let the AI itself generate simple and unique dialogues for NPCs.
  • Drawing weapons and armor – sometimes ideas either run out or are too borrowed from other projects, and then AI can come to the rescue, which can recreate layouts and options that will seem interesting in the future and will be finalized for release.


All MMO RPGs one way or another have their own concept of the world and often these are islands to explain to players why the locations are not endless, because they go into the ocean.

Tarisland is a new popular MMO project from a Chinese company.

Tencent’s main idea is to create a full-fledged competitor to World of Warcraft from Blizzard, which has left the market. The departure happened due to non-compliance with the policy of the Chinese government – blood, bones, and when the latest update appeared, where dragons are a symbol of the state, they were shown in a negative image, and even with the ability to ride it and fly in any direction.

Continental Tarisland is partially drawn using new technologies and experience gained in its previous projects in order to create an ideal world with beautiful graphics, raid and PVP mechanics and to give players the desire to play the new project that replaced World of Warcraft and buy Tarisland gold.


Creating a full-fledged 3D model of a hero, or NPC, is painstaking and long work of artists and animators, for whom it is important not only to depict a picture, but also to apply it to the game engine and take into account all the nuances.

A simple example is investing in graphics and really beautiful and realistic images. This is a long, painstaking and optimization process, which, by the way, is very expensive, so many companies either draw all the characters themselves or attract artists and art designers.

Since the advent of AI and the beginning of the process of introducing technology into the gaming industry, this process has become much easier. The only caveat is the time threshold until the neural network learns and starts producing really beautiful and suitable images.

This will be the basis and a new vision that will be picked up by designers and artists and refined until it is fully adopted into the gaming world.


So far, these processes are only available in custom mod mode, but it’s only a matter of time before each NPC generates a unique dialogue.

Writers need to write thousands of lines of text for the main plot and even more dialogue for regular situations and side missions. This is a very long and labor-intensive process, but it is these writers who receive huge amounts of money for their creativity.

In the eyes, or rather the ears, of the player, such work is valued only in the first stages, because most of the dialogues will simply be fed up and will be perceived rather irritably, like the same phrases that are literally known by heart.

Now let’s imagine the world of The Witcher, or GTA, where there is a huge interactive outside world and every character you meet will offer you a short conversation, randomly generated, but on a given topic.

Players will extend their accumulated hours simply by listening to NPCs talk about anything – everyday life, the situation in the game world as a whole.

For large-scale games, by the way, this is an excellent opportunity to add the reactions of others in a realistic manner to all events.

Has Nilfgard occupied new territory? Local farmers will be concerned about discussing events, and will begin to do so from the moment such a game plot advances.

There are many such examples, and in online games this is also an excellent opportunity to generate additional dialogue for secondary quests.

It will be much more pleasant for you to interact with a merchant who will help you get cheap tarisland gold and listen to some story related to the game world and its life, and not just ordinary phrases like – buy and leave.

Weapons and armor elements

In all popular online games, unique items and armor, which are made with special care, are of particular value.

For example, in Lineage 2, the Dragon bow made a real splash at one time, which looked like an almost full-fledged dragon in the character’s hands. The players liked it so much that even when the updates went far ahead and the weapon became irrelevant, the players continued to give it the appearance of new and more modern weapons.

A neural network can help artists create objects with lots of nice details that just need to be further processed, rather than drawn from scratch with all the complexity of the process.

The same aspect applies to armor – it is much more interesting to wear not just armor, but full-fledged armor with coats of arms and markings, possibly dents and other distinctive features that the AI can help with.

Conclusions on the use of AI in modern online games

At the moment, humanity is beginning to actively implement machine learning and artificial intelligence technology in all areas of entertainment, including games.

This allows for unique content to be generated virtually on the go and allows players to extend their gameplay for many hours simply due to the constant content updates.

Previously, many simply left their favorite projects, regardless of the previously ordered tarisland leveling boost, simply because the content became monotonous, and not a single large studio can constantly generate unique ones – it takes time to prepare and produce good content that people will like. players and it must be optimized in advance so as not to receive a barrage of criticism.

AI allows you to generate content as you go – in dialogues, in small objects, and it’s only a matter of time before a new technology for humanity gains momentum, becomes better and is fully implemented in all areas at a professional level. Of course, it will not replace full-fledged people, but it will simplify the work of creators, or provide examples to inspire professionals.

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