How Can You Convert PDF to Excel?

Whether you’re a small business owner or an enterprise, one of the most important assets you have is data. Data is valuable because it gives you insight into what’s going on in your organization and helps you make more informed decisions. This can be especially true in finance and accounting, where data analysis plays an integral role in decision-making processes.

What Is a PDF File?

A PDF file is a document that can be viewed on multiple devices and edited, saved and printed. It’s the most common format for viewing and sharing documents, including files you create in Microsoft Office programs like Word and Excel. If you want to create your own PDFs or convert existing documents into this format, several free software applications can help you do so.

Why Convert PDF to Excel Sheet?

PDF to Excel

You may wonder why you want to convert a PDF to Excel. After all, it’s not the most convenient way of working with data—it requires users to download the app and can be frustrating for anyone who isn’t comfortable with new technology.

But if you’re trying to get a lot of work done in a short time, or if your team members have different levels of technical expertise, converting PDFs into Excel spreadsheets might be preferable.

How Do You Convert PDF to Excel?

The most important thing is to use a PDF converter that’s easy to use and fast. If it’s simple enough, you’ll likely give up and lose valuable time. If it’s too slow, you’ll also lose valuable time waiting around for the process to finish.

A good quality PDF converter should also be affordable; if it’s expensive, there are probably cheaper alternatives out there that do the same thing but better and faster. Adobe Acrobat says, “Use their PDF to Excel converter to turn the files into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.”

Finally, make sure the software requires no installation: if someone else has installed software on your computer without asking for permission first (a common practice among some companies), then you could have trouble uninstalling or upgrading their program later when needed, which would be frustrating for everyone involved!

Advanced Features of a PDF Converter


You can convert PDF to a variety of formats, including Excel, Word and JPEG. You can also convert PDF files to HTML for viewing in a browser, XML for reading by an application or text editor, and CSV for importing into Excel or other spreadsheets.

If you need to save images from your conversion process as separate files from the text that was extracted from the document (or vice versa), this program will allow you to do so.

The Advanced Features tab is where you’ll find all sorts of nifty tools that make it easier for you to work with your documents:

  • Remove DRM from PDF Files: This option allows you to strip digital rights management (DRM) information from protected documents before converting them into other formats.
  • Add Watermark: Choose one of several pre-made watermarks or upload your image file as a watermark onto any document before saving it in another format.

If you want to convert your PDF into Excel, you can do that with Adobe Acrobat software. This program can convert your documents so that they can be easily read by anyone who wants to use them.

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