3 Industries that VR is Predicted to Change Forever

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

Believe it or not, 2021 is not where it’s at. You may think you live in the ‘future’ of things, but this is just the beginning. Seriously, the first world may be steps ahead of where it was in 1995, but in 2035-2050, 2021 will be like comparing the Flintstones to the Jetsons. 

I know you are probably imagining flying cars and teleportation devices, and yes, some of that technology already exists, albeit not in forms that are ready for regular human use. No, this is about taking the digital revolution to a new height, where your life is so integrated with technology, that you are borderline an ethnical minority in a world of robotic devices that are socially integrated through the ‘internet of things’. You will find yourself somewhat immersed in a virtual reality that makes it hard to separate fact from fiction. 

There is and always be a polarised view on how much mankind should rely on technology and there is somewhat an arms race, a force of resistance against what some consider to be a technocratic invasion. Unfortunately, for the die-hard Orwell fans that predict the apocalyptic end and prepare for the end of days, they are somewhat disadvantaged by the kill-fast, high-tech revolution. Not least because of the technological advantages they hold, but because there is more money to be made in advancing than there is resisting. Bummer! 

But, what does all of this mean for your average Joe; should you head for the hills or embrace the revolution? Below is a short list of some of the industries that are about to change forever. From there onwards, your imagination can expand this to fill the blanks. 

Interior Design and property development 

If you wanted to build a house or refurbish a hotel 20 years ago, you would be relying on a designer’s ability to communicate their ideas through 2D paper floor plans, which few non-designers make sense of, and their ability to describe how something will look after the job is done. As effective as designers were in those days, there was no guarantee that you would imagine the same thing they were trying to explain, or that their floor designs would accurately resemble their finished work. Disappointment was common. 

Then came along ‘computer aided design’ or CAD, a digital representation of what your home, kitchen or new building will look like in 3D – a massive step up. These design programs are integrated with design features from products available on the market, so you can see the precise tiling, flooring and appliances you intend to install, and where you intend to place them. 

As helpful as this is, it still leaves a lot for the imagination to fill because it still looks like a design plan, but now, with virtual and augmented reality, you can put on a headset and tour the virtual manifestation of the design as though you are literally walking in the room. It’s a game changer. 

Engineering and Design

As with interior design, engineering will benefit from taking simple 2D and 3D designs and presenting them visually as though you are standing beside the designed structure, be it an engine with moving parts, including with its components separated so viewers can see the entire process in operation. This is particularly important when you consider designs that include new patented features or processes. Virtual reality has the means to present the most complex of designs into simple to understand visual representations. It will be hard for the modern student to understand how students and engineers of old got by without it. 

Entertainment on all levels

Of course, it’s not all about work and no play. You can rest assured that wherever there is a technological enhancement, someone somewhere will seek to use it for pleasure one way or the other. Gaming is of course where most of the developments will happen and the quickest. You can already immerse yourself into realistic virtual worlds like Second Life, which is as it says, an alternative digital existence. Movies have already touched on 3D movies, which require special glasses to appreciate, so you can bet that companies like Netflix are already investing into the next generation of film entertainment using virtual reality headset. 

Ok, fine, we’ll go there, but only because you want to. Adult entertainment – there was no way this wasn’t going to take off and it has, quite literally. You can pay to see your favorite models taking off their clothes and performing as though they are right in front of you and performing on you. It’s a blast, like ordinary porn, but 4K VR Porn. There is no going back. 

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