Valorant Boosting Guide in 2020

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Every one of us wants to improve our performance while gaming Valorant. Also, we are aware of the fact that low-quality graphics add-in no fun to the game and are a very major annoying element. To top that up, you might have faced certain low-responding controls or settings. 

We completely understand these off-putting issues and hence, we are here to help you out with the same. We will introduce you to a little Valorant boosting guide so that you perform your best and always keep rocking it!

  • A quick fix for better FPS- 

You can go to the game’s icon and right-click on it to find the ‘Properties’ option. Through ‘Properties’, go to ‘Compatibility’. Here, you will have to untick an option which says ‘Disability Full-screen optimization’ and tick on ‘Override High DPI Scaling behavior’. As you select ‘Apply’, there will be an instant boost in your gaming experience and you get more FPS.

Though this might sound like a very basic hack, it does bring a difference. Better controls, better FPS, and enhanced performance. What else do we want? 

  • Valorant booster-

A very clever way of getting things done easily is to buy a valorant boost. Ever imagined a proper system with completely normal controls, excellent FPS, and quick performance? Buying a Valorant booster will simplify all of that work for you without you having to put any extra efforts. 

All you will have to do is, pay a stipulated amount, avail the service and that’s that simple. You can get going in no time!

  • Open the game through the application-

Open the game using the main application once you complete making changes in the ‘Properties’ category of the ‘Settings’ section. You can go to the ‘General Settings’ and now select the ‘Video’ option. Here, you will have to adjust the resolution of the game. Make it equivalent to whatever is on your desktop. Enable the display mode and opt for ‘Full-screen’. 

Now, you will have to adjust a few other things too. 

  1. Turn off the ‘Limit FS’ option.
  2. Materials, Textures, and Default should be changed to low. 
  3. Everything under the head ‘Graphics Quality’ should be turned off and customizable options should be changed to low. 

There you go! Doing the above will enable your device to react quickly and the response rate hence is increased. You will experience better FPS and smoother operations too. You can have hours of fun with this simple yet effective method. 


We really hope that our readers have found the ‘ Valorant boosting guide in 2020- ‘ article beneficial in some way or the other. Valorant requires a little dosage of boosting its functions so that you experience the best and most clear features. 

For saving time, you may even consider buying a booster which would definitely help. Though the other two tricks act as quick fixes, they can save money and still give you good results. We hope you have a wonderful gaming experience!

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