EV SSL Certificate: A sign of trust that converts the web visits into Sales

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From a past decade, more and more people have been engaging in online shopping, financial transactions, online banking, and online share market; as a result, the demand for browsing security has been growing rapidly. As the technology updates, the cybercriminals also update their data-stealing methods. So, every e-commerce owner wants a single security solution that can protect their website as well as customers’ private information. EV SSL Certificate is the best security solution for e-commerce businesses in 2019. It provides an extra layer of protection that defends the consumer’s sensitive information which is being saved on the web server or exchanged between a web server and a web user. A few benefits of an EV SSL Certificate are rationalized below:

  • Boosts Transaction Rate

The widely recognized sign of an EV SSL Certificate is Green address bar that has been proven to boost the transaction rate on the most sensitive pages of financial transaction sites such as login screens and shopping carts. The green address bar is ideal for those pages where the web users may enter their login information, credit card number or other vulnerable information. Nowadays, Most of the financial institutions, banks, trading companies or health care websites have been taking advantage of an EV SSL Certificate.

Moreover, instead of using expensive tools and methods to increase your transaction rates, Use an EV SSL Certificate from SSL2BUY that is considered the best and economical alternative.

  • Phishing Prevention

In today’s internet era, the biggest cause of concern of all e-commerce owners is phishing attacks, which is done by hackers to grab the consumer’s personal credentials through fake web pages that look like the original web pages. But, the meticulous validation requirements of an EV SSL Certificate do not let the cybercriminals pass all the web security checks, so the data breaching cases are very rare in such websites.

  • Diminish E-Commerce Bounce Rate

Besides having the user-friendly website and huge traffic on a website, some e-commerce owners are concerned about increasing the bounce rate on their websites. A recent study shows that the bouncing rate of e-commerce websites fall due to the two reasons such as inadequate safety measures and poor user interface. In such situations an EV SSL Certificate plays an integral role, it does not only diminish the number of guests who bounce from a website, but also raise the average spending time on a page and number of pages visited.

  • Protects The Company’s Vulnerable Data

Besides the consumers’ private data, the company secrets and account logins are the most vulnerable that can be easily targeted by the cybercriminals. Moreover, a victim company just not gets a disastrous loss but also lose their identity and credibility. Many company’s employees have to work online for a corporeal purpose, and their system can be hacked by phishing attacks. Thus, you should use EV on employee-facing sites so your company’s employees’ login credentials and company secrets can be protected from phishing attacks.

  • Enhance Business Credibility

Business credibility is the most vital feature that is offered to e-commerce by an EV SSL Certificate. Nowadays, people are more aware of cyber scams and pay attention to their data privacy while shopping or trading online than in the past. The major sign of SSL certificates such as a green address bar and padlock sign on the address bar makes it possible for web visitors to be certain that they landed on a right place where they can do shopping without worrying about any online security threats. Furthermore, most famous and largest websites like Amazon, Google, FlipKart, SSL2BUY and Facebook has already accessed the same green address bar for binding the consumers’ trust with their website. Thus, make sure to install an EV on your website so that online consumers get a clear indication of safety and they can make purchases on your website.

  • Meet Compliance Requirements

Most of the government, health care, banks, and other financial institutions have some regulatory requirements that e-commerce website must meet to provide enough protection for sensitive data. An EV SSL certificate helps e-commerce to meet compliance requirements such as PCI-DSS and IRS tax guidelines, HIPAA, GDPR, FISMA, HITECH, and others.  Moreover, with the help of an EV SSL certificate, e-commerce businesses take rational steps to defend PHI, PII, financial information, and other sensitive data from online hackers.

All EV SSL certified websites have passed through a validation process where all the protective measures are done to ensure sensitive data safe.

  • Defends Website Code

Website code is also quite susceptible and it can be copied and modified by the hackers easily. An EV SSL certificate is widely used to protect the website code from being modified or copied. code signing certificate ensures to remove pop-up warnings in operating systems like Windows when the downloading or updating of code is being done by the users. In this way, it gives you the surety that consumers are using your genuine and trustworthy applications instead of using malware application which pretends your website.  

Final Thoughts

With the rapid increasing cyber attacks, the demands for high security in the e-commerce industries have been growing. And, An EV SSL certificate is considered the best alternative for protecting the sensitive data that is transmitted between a web user and a web server. It does not only help to boost consumers’ confidence, business credibility but also improves business conversion rates for e-commerce businesses. Thus, make sure to install it on your website.

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