Getting Connected: 5 Tips to Stepping Up Your IPTV Box Set

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If you have looked into some different viewing options for shows and movies and you are ready to try an internet streaming service, then you should know that several IPTV providers are highly regarded at this juncture. IPTV is an option that is appealing to many because it costs a fraction of what cable does, and you have much more control over what you are paying for and what you aren’t. If you’re getting yourself an IPTV box set, though, there are a few things of which you should be aware. Keep reading for tips on how to enhance your IPTV experience.

Understand There Will Still Be a Monthly Fee

Some people get an IPTV box who are under the mistaken impression that it will suddenly start providing them with free movies and shows. That’s not how these boxes were built to operate. You pay a fee to get yourself one of the boxes, and then you need to sign up for one of the subscription services before you can start streaming things. If you get a box and you expect it to start churning out free entertainment, you’re going to be disappointed. The fee that you pay monthly is nominal, but it still exists.

Select the Service that is the Most Customizable

There are several different possible IPTV services for which you can sign up, and some of them allow you to customize the channels and shows you’re paying for more than others. The conventional thinking is that you’re going to want to sign up for one of these services that allow you to be quite selective about your movies and channels. That’s part of why you want to get an IPTV box in the first place. If you wanted to keep paying for channels that you weren’t watching, you could have just stuck with cable.

Don’t Use the Google Play Store to Install Apps

You can install all kinds of apps and run them through your IPTV box. However, if you use the Google Play Store or the Amazon App store, then you’re going to face some restrictions as far as what kinds of content you can access. Instead, use an app like Aptoide TV. Since it’s not a big brand name, you get access to top APKs like Mobdro and Terrarium TV. Users report being a lot happier with one of these alternatives.

Install a USB Cooling Fan

If you are using some IPTV boxes for many hours on end, there is the possibility of it overheating. You can avoid this by installing a USB cooling fan. These fans are not very expensive, and they are easy to install. You plug one into the USB port, and it sits on top of the unit.

Close Background Apps

If you find that your IPTV box is sluggish when you are trying to watch movies or shows, it could be because you have a bunch of apps open. It’s going to slow down the functionality of your IPTV box, just like having lots of apps open on your phone or laptop. For maximum enjoyment of your box, shut down all apps before using.

The more you learn about using your IPTV box, the more you are likely to enjoy it. Be sure to stay on top of any advancements in the technology, and you should get plenty of use out of your purchase for years to come.

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