How AI is Beating Humanity at Its Own Game

There’s a lot of concern surrounding artificial intelligence (which is often known as AI). Some people are worried it could take on jobs humans might have otherwise done, and no one really knows how the technology could develop in years to come – the progress it’s made already has been astonishing.

But there are also a lot of good things about AI. It speeds up processes humans would take a long time to do, can make our lives easier, and can be safer and more secure in some situations. Let’s take a look at how AI is beating humanity at its own game.


What is AI?

AI is software that’s been developed to function like the human brain. In other words, it can learn, adapt and think in the same sort of way that we do. There are two main types: narrow AI, which can carry out a set list of tasks, and general AI, which can use its past experience to carry out new tasks.


How does it beat humanity?

  • AI can’t be bribed or blackmailed, so it offers more security.
  • There’s no risk of human error or absent-mindedness.
  • AI is quicker and more accurate.

New infographic Rise of the Machines goes through everything you need to know about AI in more detail.

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