How Governments Can Work With Companies For A Greener Future

We are fast approaching the death of the oil. Eventually, in our lifetime oil will become a fuel that is no longer used. Electricity is the future and always has been, despite others forms of power such as hydrogen and biofuel being tried and tested. The issue for a government that wants to commit to their own green energy policy is, how can they reach the scale needed? Entire nations need to change, not just a region or a city. Although capital cities are by far the worst polluters, if they didn’t get the power they needed and moved the people they needed, economies would be massively damaged. So one cannot expect green energy solutions to be the forefront of cities. Even though electric cars are becoming more popular around town, the main place to innovate is the countryside. Here there is space to experiment and use companies with vast experience in working in the countryside to help achieve these green goals. But how can companies that are businesses-minded, work in harmony with governments that are focussed on business but also logistics and infrastructure?


Stopping older practices

First things first, you have to persuade people to stop older practices. It would be comical if on one patch of countryside there were attempts to limit pollution and support electric power innovations and on the other, fossil fuels are being sought after. The government can stop the drilling of more oil, and instead focus on investing in solar power. Connecting with locals to see what their perspective is on both, will also help community relations. what’s worse a giant oil drilling facility, or a field of solar power panels? If a government says they want green energy, locals and companies can speak up and be heard so that new ideas and advice can be understood by the authorities.


Green energy farms

Farming is one of the most important industries in any civilization. It’s the process of cultivating the land so that food is produced for the masses. Quite literally, farmers keep entire nations fed and therefore alive and well. So, governments need to constantly be respectful of this class, and listen to their suggestions very carefully about green energy. A professional company like Strutt & Parker Farms has a plenty of experience in this regard, as they run two biomethane to grid AD plants. They export 50,000MWh and 40,000MWh to around 5,500 households. The AD plants are capable of capturing food grade carbon dioxide which in turn has some uses for local economies. This kind of company that deals with the complex nature of efficiency and renewable energy should be consulted by governments. Any report which is made to be published and read out in parliament should include the recommendations of green energy companies. Their suggestions may prove to be the best route forward.

Governments around the world are trying to become more and more self-sufficient. The days of relying on poorer countries to feed oil to rich countries seem to be dying off. Now, every nation must be ready to implement green energy policies that will last for hundreds of years.


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