iEducation: Methods for Learning Outside the Classroom

When we were kids, we all probably had a point when we do not want to go to school. Learning inside a four corner room can be boring and tedious, and we knew it even then. But what if learning could follow you to your home, and could be done on your own time and at your own pace. Would it still be effective?

The explosion of the internet was followed by the inception of many applications and web-based technologies. One of the technologies that emerged in the early days of the internet was LMS or Learning Management System, a software technology application that facilitates learning through planning, implementing, tracking and assessing digital learning materials. Many LMS platforms are available in the market today, and vary depending on the nature of business you have, be it commerce or education.

In recent years, eLearning has been heavily compared to traditional education in terms of effectiveness and sustainability. Research on LMS effectiveness, conducted by the National Library of MNIH in 2016, showed that e-learning has the same effectiveness as traditional learning methods. The researchers based their findings on the difference in student’s performance, where scores were almost the same as those of traditional learning environments.

In the following, we’ll look at the advantages eLearning can offer, and how different it can be from a traditional learning session.

eLearning Advantages


Participating in a class discussion, in the midst of a hundred people in an echoing lecture hall, can trigger someone’s tendency to exhibit social anxiety. While it doesn’t affect everyone, social anxiety can be a huge barrier to learning. eLearning is a great method to access education while feeling completely comfortable while you learn. It also gives you the opportunity to expand upon your resources and exert your own individual approach to learning the information. While eLearning through larger Wilkes University psychiatric nurse practitioner program is a comprehensive course, if you need to deviate from the course for additional points of view or for more personal reasons, you have the freedom to do so. 

Save Time

Time is money, and with eLearning, you study on your own time, and at your own convenience. The format it presents gives you a chance to enjoy life and think about other important aspects of life apart from school. As long as you are connected in the internet, you can enroll yourself in a course in the comfort of your home or your favorite coffee shop. In addition to the flexibility in your schedule, eLearning will allow you to save even more time by avoiding lengthy commutes. If you do not want obligations on your time, while continuing to learn, then eLearning is for you.

Learn at Your Own Pace

In a traditional classroom setting, the progress of learning is set within a well-defined timeframe, and students are expected to learn at a similar pace. eLearning revolutionizes the way you personalize your education. Your progress in the curriculum you choose solely depends on your ability to process and retain information, as well as your own level of comfort. If you prefer to take your time and focus on other aspects of your life apart from schooling, eLearning offers you the flexibility to do so. No need to stress yourself out about causing a delay for others or concern yourself from the pressure of dropping out from campus.

Wireless Connectivity

Since LMS is based on having internet connectivity, it allows you to access academic resources and students on a global scale. It is easy to meet and introduce yourself to people of the same courses halfway across the world without stepping out of your living room. As a method of learning, LMS fosters diversity since it is not restricted by country or region.


While traditional classroom settings are crucial in some aspects of learning, and will never fully go away, the future of education lies in between eLearning and traditional methods of instruction. What’s most important is that they compliment each other and respect the individual needs of students.

High Pass Rate

Success rates in mainstream establishments tend to be quite low. A lot of students wind up dropping out without any qualifications at all, hurting them when they try to succeed in the job market. 

But as this online FNP school points out, pass rates can be very high – in some cases 100 percent. Thus, not only is learning online more affordable, but it’s also less risky. You’re not getting involved in something with a high chance of failure. Instead, you’re achieving the milestones you need to achieve to progress in your career. 

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