What to Look for When Purchasing Arcade Games Machines

In the market for arcade games machines? Perhaps you’re building a home arcade. Maybe you want to build something for a youth centre, or for a local church’s younger congregants. Whatever the case, the right machines can offer hours and hours of enjoyment, and can be a very worthwhile investment. Of course, you’ll need to know a few things about the machines available to you.

Game Machine Style

One of the first things to consider is the style of the machine in question. Chances are good that when you think of arcade games machines, you immediately think of the old-style upright machines that once populated the arcades of your youth. Those still exist, but there are many other options, including:

Cocktail Arcade Machines – These machines take your favorite upright games and lay them out in the horizontal fashion, often with a split screen so that two people can play at once. They’re about the height of a conventional cocktail table, feature a flat screen, and a plastic cover to protect against spills and damage to the screen itself.

Barrel Arcade Machines – The barrel style arcade machine is about the same height as the cocktail variety we just touched on but has the game mounted on a rounded barrel instead of a flat table top (the screen is still flat, and still protected with a piece of clear plastic). These are generally one-player games, though.  

Upright Arcade Machines – This is the traditional arcade machine of your youth. It features an upright position and controls for one or two players. The screen is located inside the chassis and is angled for better viewing (not completely upright). The chassis/housing of the machine is usually designed to resemble one of the more popular arcade games machines of the past, such as Pac-Man or Tekken.

Bartop Arcade Machines – If you’re looking for something that ties in with the style of an upright game machine, but that will not take up any floor space, the bartop machine is right for you. This style can fit easily on tables, bars and in other areas where floor space might be limited.

There you have them – a quick breakdown of the various styles available when it comes to arcade games machines. In addition, you will need to choose the number of games included on the machine(s) you purchase. Some machines have 60 games, while others may have 2,000 or more games included.

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