How Tech Has Made Moving Business Easier, A Lot Easier

Corporate life is very similar to the one you have at home. There are money issues, people argue and disagree, and, every once in a while, you have to move properties. Sadly, moving offices is as tricky and annoying as changing houses. In fact, it’s worse because there is more junk to relocate. It’s just a bigger job in general. If only there were a way to take the pressure off the boss’s shoulders.

Technology has advanced light years recently, and there isn’t an industry that has been unaffected. Moving is no different. The following is how tech has made the process ten times easier.

Moving Vans

Moving companies have been around for decades, offering their vehicles in exchange for cash. So, to say this is a new advancement is clearly a lie. Don’t worry, though, because no one is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Instead, it’s an attempt to show you how far moving trucks have come in a short space of time. Construction Trailer Specialists Inc. has box vans and specialty trailers which can carry pretty much anything. Yep, even the huge servers and the wires that stretch for miles. Nowadays, you can hire one to drive too. Be careful, though; it’s not like a car.


There is an app for everything, which is great if the company has lots of stuff. In the heat of the moment, people pack things into boxes without making a mental note. Or, they think “I’ll remember that” and end up forgetting. Then, when the firm’s belongings are in the new premises, there is no way to tell what is where and if you left it behind. Frankly, it’s a nightmare. Moving Van by Happtic Pty. Ltd has found a way to help by keeping track of items in different boxes. Snap pictures and then surf the app to discover what you need.

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Down Scaling

To avoid shifting everything that isn’t nailed down, it’s better to throw away the things which aren’t needed. Hoarders will hate this tip, but it is a time-saver and a money-maker. It’s easy to spot the reasons for the former – fewer items=less time moving – yet the cash element isn’t as obvious. Well, as simple as it sounds, you can sell unwanted “junk” by using thredUp. Be aware of your cut before agreeing to the service – you’ll get 40% of the sale. After all, you can list them on eBay and take 100% of the profits.

Transit Insurance

If you don’t have it, then get it as soon as possible. Things break and an insurance policy will cover the costs of the damage. The problem is the effort. First, you have to price everything in the office. Next, you need to call the company, and then you need to negotiate. What a mess! Dealing with the insurance company is part and parcel of the process, yet Visual Inventory can assist with the first part of the puzzle. By noting the contents of the office and tagging them with a price, you will have the info to hand when striking a deal.

Can you think of any other ways technology has impacted moving offices?

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