Top 9 Futuristic Technologies For Your Office

Everyone wonders about the future-be it personal or the fate of human race as a whole. Science fiction deals with some of the fantasies which the human mind concocts and wishes to view as a reality. However, with the progress of technology and increase in the number of global think tanks, several innovative intellects render their knowledge to the welfare of mankind. There are several inventions and patents that seem ahead of their time yet serve us with extreme proficiency. Check out the list of futuristic gizmos soon to become imperative in almost every office in the world.

  1. Webble

It is an ergonomic hard-shell foot-rest developed by BriteObjects Company to cater to the sedentary lifestyle of office goers. This surf-board-like equipment is designed to be moved from side to side with both feet. This will help in maintaining proper blood circulation in the feet of workers and prevent any medical complications. It comes with a spring suspension and self-break mechanism, to keep anyone from doing away with it (!). It is expected to come out in the autumn season of this year and will feature in 2 models: Webble and Webble AIR.

  1. Magic Mouse

This one is a definite keeper. Students of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts have designed a motion-sensor computer mouse which can read hand gestures pointed at the monitor. This small mouse can be worn on the finger just like a ring. It uses receivers for tracking the motion via an ultrasonic transmitter. It is a great device for photo editing and can be used to teach students hand movements as in an orchestra. Sounds cool, right?? Or maybe it is just pretty handy!!!

  1. Security Ring

This snazzy looking ring has been designed by Yang Hai to protect your personal computer system from digital intrusion. The ring is put on the ring finger while the base unit is kept next to the computer. If you move a certain specific distance from the computer, the base unit automatically activates Lock Mode in the computer. This not only protects your personal data but maintains your privacy as well. A must-kept tool for today’s world indeed.

  1. GLOO

The GLOOO by Igor Polyakov is a spherical shaped wireless web browser and communicator that double as a visual device. People may compare it with a BlackBerry device but the GLOOO surpasses BlackBerry with its visual display features. It is very much similar to the Ambient Orb, and it is specially designed to telecast weather reports, meteorological irregularities; news telecasts and communicates with your contacts across the world via a built-in camera, speaker, and microphone for video chatting.

  1. Quartz Tele

The Quartz Tele developed by Tao Ma is a unique telephone system that uses quartz crystals instead of number buttons on the dial pad. According to manufacturers Yanko Design, each crystal is actually an embedded LED. The crystals are placed on a base with a sharp LED screen which displays relevant info like incoming calls, outgoing calls, important dates and contact lists. Although it may sound like a tall task, there is a great chance that within a decade the iPhone or RAZR will be outdated by the Quartz Tele system.

  1. Bubble Head Webcam

Replace your boring old grey webcam with the all-new Bubble Head Webcam created by Eric Zhang. The colorful little device resembles a miniature man that can double as clock/pen holder with its makeshift hand that can hold a card, a pen or even a message. There are a number of models with different designs, targeted for the young generation of techies, and perhaps the most popular one is the Superman model.

  1. Stokke Gravity Balans

Are your eyes getting tired from staring at the computer screen for hours? Feel like taking a shuteye but that infernal office chair jerks you awake every time you doze off? Get a hold of the Stokke Gravity Balans as your new executive office chair for your personal space and just relax. Put the chair in a reclining position and lie back with your legs on the built-in cushions. Rock gently back and forth when fully reclined which will give full support to neck and back. This specialized lounge system crafted by designers Peter Opsvik and Hans Chr make you maintain a natural posture with your abdomen and back muscles when you sit upright.

  1. Energy Efficient Adapters

French designer Gilles Belley in collaboration with EDF Design has come up with an energy saving adapter that is programmed to regulate the amount of power wasted by a device and disable it after a time period of 3 minutes. They help reduce cable clutter as they subsequently organize our wiring. The design was created to initiate the green tech movement and given the present status of the world, it is high time more such innovations are made, for the sake of the future.

  1. Puzzle Table

This is more of an advantageous furniture setting than a futuristic office tool. But there is no denying the fact that it can help a disorganized employee keep his desk clean, albeit using a bit of memory, given a large number of sliding tops dividing the compartments.

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