Every Modern Household Is Getting a Massage Chair: Here’s Why You Should Get One Too

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The USA, China, Japan, and Korea are the world leaders in manufacturing modern massage chairs. From regular massage chairs to zero gravity recliners, they make them all. Each chair has a modern design and provides massage therapy like a professional massage therapist.  

Recently, massage chairs have turned from being a luxury to a necessity. Experts predict the global massage chair market will reach $4414 million by 2027. Till 2020, this value was around $2750 million. That value will grow exponentially at a CAGR of 7.0% in just seven years.

Every modern household today is getting a massage chair. One of the main reasons for that is that these chairs are more accessible than ever before. Even a decade ago, people could enjoy a massage chair at their local mall but never afford to buy one for themselves. The other option they had was to visit a massage therapist, where each session would cost between $100 and $200.

Availability isn’t the only reason. There are more. So, today, we will explain why you should consider getting yourself a massage chair.

Has a Modern Look

Manufacturers these days don’t build massage chairs just for the functional aspects. They create them as symbols of prestige, class, and elegance. That’s why modern massage chairs are so beautiful to look at. 

These chairs come in various shapes and styles. Some look like typical recliners with added padding, while others look like futuristic pods. Each style has its own unique selling point. 

You can take a look at the ones on Wonder Massage Chairs to get a good idea about how ridiculously well-designed these chairs are. From the upholstery to the aluminum bases, every inch of a modern massage chair is a work of art, crafted to perfection by experts.

Can Replace Living Room Furniture

If you’re looking to get some new furniture for your living room, look no more. Traditional wooden furniture needs to go. It’s high time you switched to something more sleek and elegant like massage chairs.

Using massage chairs as couch alternatives might seem far-fetched. However, people are making this switch now more than ever. Massage chairs are beautiful to look at and will perfectly go with a modern living room setting. So, switching to massage chairs from sofas and couches is quite justifiable. 

Health Benefits

As we mentioned earlier, the massage therapy from massage chairs feels almost like the real thing. While there’s no alternative to a professional massage therapist, a massage chair does come close. With that comes numerous health benefits. 

Improves Blood Circulation

The vibrations from the massage chair increase the temperature on the surface of your skin. The kneading techniques are much stronger than stroking techniques. That helps stimulate the blood flow, which improves the overall circulation.

Provides Pain Relief

As blood circulation becomes normal, your worn-out body will start to recover. The improved blood flow will carry oxygen to necessary places and help get rid of pain in your neck, legs, and back. 

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Another benefit of a massage chair is that it can drive away stress and anxiety. Your body will start to calm down the moment you sit on a massage chair. The chair will help your muscles to relax. As your muscles become less stiff, your body will start letting go of all the stress accumulated throughout the day.

Improves Sleep Quality

After a tiring day at work, a quick session on your massage chair is bound to improve your sleep quality. Your blood circulation will be better, and your muscles won’t feel stiff. These situations act as catalysts and allow you to fall asleep quicker and better.

Doesn’t Consume Too Much Space

Another selling point of modern massage chairs is that they are compact. You might think they look bulky, but that’s because of the padding or the pod-like structure. However, practically, they are no bigger than your sofa or couch. 

Since massage chairs don’t consume too much space, you can fit them almost anywhere. The living room would be the ideal choice. However, you might not want to replace your couch. So, you can squeeze in a massage chair between two sets of sofas. 

The compact size will also allow you to bring the massage chair to your bedroom. Place it beside your bed or in front of the reading table. You’ll still be left with plenty of room to move about inside the bedroom.

So, are these benefits not enough for you to invest in a massage chair? Most people in the US and across Europe and Asia think they are. Thus, it’ll only be your loss if you decide not to buy a massage chair anytime soon.

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