Why The Humble Blog Could Be The Conversion Tool Your Business Needs

Blogs are not a new concept. And they’re not new to businesses looking for ways to reach out to their customers. But they are still rarely used in the business world because marketer mistakenly believes their ROI cannot be measured. If you treat your company’s blog as a marketing campaign, you’ll soon see how valuable and how measurable it really can be.


Aren’t Blogs For Teenage Girls?

It’s true that there are thousands of blogs out there written for young people by young people. But if you take a closer look at the content that is regularly posted, you’ll see it is carefully structured and crafted. It has backlinks and long-tail keywords. And most importantly, it is monetized. Yes, those young people know how to earn a few bucks. Bloggers are among some of the most successful entrepreneurs out there. They offer useful information about everything from celebrities to health. So why aren’t you making the most of this in-demand communication tool?

Anyone can develop a blog that becomes profitable. Can you create one that is profitable for your business? Credit


What Would My Business Talk About?

Blogs are an opportunity for you to talk. But they should be about imparting information. It’s true they should be a two-way forum, but the replies are usually comments or further questions. Still, it’s engagement, and that’s what every twenty-first-century business needs. Blog posts are easy to link to all your social media accounts. You’re providing fresh content to each of these platforms simultaneously with virtually no extra effort. All you need to do is offer entertaining information.


How Am I Supposed To Make A Sale Through A Blog?


Technically speaking, you need a website that has a great looking and a fully functional template. Some themes, like the Divi Theme, offer expander packs so you can dip in and out of extra features as you need them. They’re handy for testing different ideas too. You could have a link to your product on every page if you really wanted it. You can even have a buy-it-now button on your sidebar.



Of course, from a marketing point of view, you might not want to be that salesy. Your blog is one part of your sales funnel, and it’s probably not that near to the checkout end. Your blog should be considered more a part of your relationship building strategy. Perhaps it boosts your branding strategy to help you build your brand persona? Or maybe it’s offering customers dozens of new ways to solve their common problems using your products? Embed your YouTube clips, GIFs, and photos to bring a magazine style quality to what you present.


How Will The Blog Become A Conversion Tool?

As part of your overall strategy, you will funnel the website visitor toward your harder sales campaigns. This might be product pages, or you might take a slower approach and guide them through a few more website pages first. You might soon start to notice that the customer journey could be starting at one or two of your most popular blog post pages. From here, a couple more pages about specific products are viewed. Through this journey, you are knocking down the barriers to sale. You’re building trust in your brand and your product, and leading the customer to the checkout page. And every step can easily be identified and tracked thanks to the power of digital media.


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