Car Detailing as a Business: Is It Worth to Start?

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Car detailing is a meticulous step-by-step restoration process. This process entails the cleaning and reconditioning of the vehicles’ exterior and interior. Currently, car detailing business is one of the most exciting and viable investment to make due to the increasing number of automobiles in our cities. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing in the automobiles industry.

Many people confuse car detailing with general car wash. While both involve cleaning vehicle’s interior and exterior, detailing involves more than just washing and other extras such as waxing, tinting windows, polishing surfaces are included. Cleaning cloudy headlamps can also be done.


Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rach108/19261993901/sizes/c/


Below are benefits of starting vehicle detailing shop:

  1. No age restrictions or limits

Other than the licensing requirements, no other features are needed during business startup. However, even though being in a certain age is not a necessity, some managerial experience and good business plan are required otherwise the business will be doomed to collapse.


One key principle of entrepreneurship is treating customers well. As the adage says, customer is king. If a research conducted by Dunn and Bradstreet is anything to go by, 99% of businesses started by people with little entrepreneurial skills collapse within 2 to 3 years. On the other hand, eighty percent of those started by experienced persons survive and prosper.


  1. No standard or government-regulated service charge

Due to high competition in car detailing business, such professionals charge differently depending on the location of their businesses, services offered, and the type or vehicle models they deal with. This gives one the freedom to determine the charges to levy.


You can also negotiate with your clients about the charges depending on the complexity of the job and client’s affordability-prices should be accommodative. Some customers also demand tailor-made services. For example, some may demand for vacuum cleaning, full detailing of interiors, windows tinting, decals, scratch and dent removals while others may require something different. In such a situation, amount charged shouldn’t be fixed but hinged on services offered.


  1. This service is always in demand

Vehicles on the road, old or new, should be seen as potential clients. All that is needed is tapping and luring them to your shop. Many vehicle, like writers from Edubirdie for example, owners are not familiar with vehicle detailing process, thus they prefer that being done by an expert. To ensure you are competing well with others, as an entrepreneur you should have a good business name and offer attractive packages to lure more customers.


  1. High earning potential

Amount that can be realized from a car detailing business varies depending on factors such as location, business size, size of your task force, service charge levied and other car detailing products on offer. All in all, it can yield very high returns if handled well.


  1. Start up costs

The cost of starting a car detailing business depends on investor’s resources. Huge investments found in big cities require colossal amount to establish (unlike those in the rural areas), but it all depends on the amount one wants to invest. Unless someone is planning to start a car detailing business at home, then looking for a shop in town is a must, and again the cost of such a shop will depend on its location and size. But wherever the location is, it is the power of advertising and marketing car detailing supplies list that will determine its success.


  1. Flexibility

This business offers flexibility in terms of operational time. For example, it can either be full-time or part-time job. Furthermore, one can set the time to operate for instance; other can operate twice a week, during weekends or twice a month, etc.


  1. Choice of business locality may determine your returns

Another factor that can determine success is locality of an establishment. For example, in some instances, sometimes establishments in fixed locations are more profitable than those which are mobile but in other times, mobile ones do well as it is taking services closer to customers.


You can also opt to take services to offices or homes especially if clients have very tight schedules to visit auto detailing center. Some car detailing services in locations such as high-end hotels, showrooms, leasing companies, auto repair shops and fueling stations are deemed as goldmines as many clients frequent there.


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