Why Web Design & Development Is The Best Industry To Start A Business In


Take it from us, deciding whether to start a web design and development business or not is not easy. If you’re willing to do the work, the web design and development industry are the best to start a business in. Not only is it a relatively inexpensive industry to start a business in, but insurance for web designers are also equally as inexpensive, so no matter whether you are setting up your own business or have decided to become self-employed, there’s no need to fret if something goes wrong. Find out why this is definitely an industry you should immediately begin investing in below.

You don’t need an office

It’s true. You really don’t need an office. Maintaining an office is undoubtedly expensive, and it may be costing you money that can be better spent elsewhere, or simply money you don’t have spare. If you need to meet with clients, ask to meet at their office or at a local café. If a client seems to be put off by your lack of an office, politely explain that you built your business to be mobile. After all, you’re able to get more done for your clients in a shorter period of time by not having an office!

There’s no need to learn HTML or CSS!

If you’re looking to get started in the web design and development industry, avoid wasting time learning HTML or CSS. And if you already know how to code? Put that knowledge away. The best way to kick-start your business in this competitive industry is by using a platform, such as WordPress or various website builders. Begin by using pre-built themes and plugins to stay focused on giving your clients the best results. Further down the line, there will be plenty of opportunities to get right down to the roots!


One of the many reasons people favor the web design and development industry is the opportunity to be in control of their own time. Due to the nature of web design and development, those who decide to start a business in the industry can benefit from getting their work done early in the day, or late at night. Taking time off for 3 to 4 weeks isn’t an issue either. It’s a win-win situation!

High in demand market

An increasing number of businesses and large corporations alike are turning to the web designers for help to establish or improve their online presence. Alongside the demand for service, there is also a significant demand for education. Since the velocity and speed of information being blasted at businesses is overwhelming (and slightly daunting) they value anyone that can help them stand out from the crowd – which is where you come in.

Low start-up cost

And the top reason why web design and development is the best industry to start a business in? The computer you already have will probably be enough to kick-start your business. There’s no need to invest in expensive computer equipment. Furthermore, a £100 to £200 budget is easily more than enough to get you started – so you won’t break the bank or be forced to take out a short-term loan either! Simply purchase a domain name, for around £15, then, choose a premium theme and a managed web-host, costing up to £30 a month. All that’s left is to do is get your first client and begin investing a small percentage of your earnings back in the business! Take it from us – it really is that straightforward.

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