Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speakers

Devotec Industries, England, has introduced innovative, portable speakers that utilize Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly play music from various devices such as iPods, MP3 players and even cellular phones. Moreover, the new product is powered ecologically from the Sun, and therefore it is dubbed ‘Solar Sound Bluetooth Speakers’. It aims towards both travelers who wish to maintain musical-atmosphere while outdoors, as well as gadget-lovers that have to keep their battery charged at all times.
Solar Sound Bluetooth Speakers (Credit: Devotec Industries) 
Solar Sound Bluetooth Speakers
(Credit: Devotec Industries)

Devotec Industries have created small, portable speakers that could be used with various devices regardless of location – at office, home, car or train; the Solar Sound Bluetooth Speakers are certainly a good solution for the eager music-listener. In addition to the wireless option, the speakers include a standard 3.5mm connector that connects devices without Bluetooth connectivity. For that purpose a designated cable is supplied.
In order to produce high-quality sound, Devotec has installed A2DP support; AVRCP compatibility exists as well, allowing the device to control the Bluetooth-connected player. This is made using the touch-screen panel, giving users the ability to adjust volume, fast-forward and rewind. Another interesting feature is the ability to make ‘hands-free’ communication using the built-in microphone; however, a suitable phone must be paired.

The new speakers are solar-powered, but they can also be charged via regular AC outlet. The integrated 1500mAh Lithium-Ion battery charges in this manner in only 4 hours, as opposed to the 12-to-24 hours it requires when being charged using sunlight. Another charging option is connecting the speakers to a USB port. When fully charged, the battery is good for approximately 8 hours of continuous playtime at medium volume, or 4 hours of playtime at max volume.

 Solar Sound Bluetooth Speakers (Credit: Devotec Industries)
Solar Sound Bluetooth Speakers
(Credit: Devotec Industries)

Sized at 16.5 x 5.5 x 5.5cm, the speakers weigh 260-grams and make a minor addition to most medium-to-large devices such as laptops or UMPCs. However, in comparison to most smartphones and mobile-phones, carrying it around is equivalent to having two phones, or two heavy music-players. This might hinder some potential buyers.

Considering the demand for sophisticated gadgets, the Solar Sound Bluetooth Speakers are reasonably priced at $80. Furthermore, its target market is varied, since it includes both ‘green-energy’ gadget lovers and music-loving hikers, which tend to carry with them portable music devices. Therefore, it is safe to assume that consumers would find the speakers beneficial.

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For more information about the Solar Sound Bluetooth Speakers, see its manufacturer’s website.

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