Fifth Generation iPod Nano MP3 Player

The iPod Nano MP3 player continues Apple’s legacy of packing a multitude of features into a colorful, impossibly thin design and comes reasonably priced at $149 (8GB) and $179 (16GB). This time around, Apple is branching out of its iPod formula in a small, but not insignificant way by gracing the back of the Nano with its own video camera.

All of the features from last year’s Nano have migrated to the fifth-generation model, including music, video, and podcast playback, as well as extras such as photos, calendar, games, alarms, stopwatch, contacts, notes, and clocks. Additionally, the new model includes an integrated pedometer, Genius Mix support, voice recording, a built-in speaker, video camera, and an FM radio that we’ve been asking for since 2001. Even with the Nano’s ever-growing stable of features, music playback is still the beating heart of this iPod. As a portable extension of Apple’s popular iTunes computer software, the Nano offers an impressive number of options for playing music, audiobooks, and podcasts. (Image Credits: Apple)

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