VholdR Action Camera

Twenty20, a Seattle-based company, has recently introduced the VholdR, a wearable camcorder that makes it easy to shoot and share High Definition action video. The hands-free device, which can be mounted onto users’ helmets, is a good solution for bikers wishing to document their adventures. After recording, users can plug the VholdR into their PC and share the video with their friends.

The 136-gram VholdR is a 95 mm x 53 mm x 34 mm device, with a 3.6 mm lens and 90-degree viewing angle. It also utilizes a CMOS sensor and is able to record video at a rate of 30 or 60 frames per second – the latter, according to the company, will “make the fastest adventure sports appear as smooth as butter.” The video is outputted as an MPEG4 file with a resolution of 640×480 and can be stored on a MicroSD memory card. According to Twenty20, the minimum illumination required for proper shooting is 0.04 lux/F=1.2 – which means that a dark scene might be difficult to capture.

The VholdR has an armored exterior, which was made of brushed aluminum, fiberglass, and rubber in order to make the device more durable. According to Twenty20, these materials allow the product to operate seamlessly in snow, dirt, mud, and even water. Moreover, the device was also designed to be shock, vibration and impact – resistant. Access to the memory card, changeable battery, and USB connection is through a waterproof section placed on the back of the device.

Operation of the VholdR was designed to be as simple as possible. Rotating lens and dual lasers align the shot, and a single on/off button is located on the pair of supplied gloves. The recorded video could be transferred to a computer using the supplied USB cable; in addition, special software is supplied that makes video management and online sharing easier. Although it’s efficient that the USB cable charges the device, a wall charger isn’t supplied with the kit, but rather sold separately. Some consumers might find this disheartening. Another drawback is the software’s compatibility – it is for Windows operating systems only.

VholdR’s target market consists mostly of extreme sportsmen – skiers, snowboarders, rock climbers, bikers, and practically anyone who likes to show off his or her skills. Thanks to the “Trail Mount Interface”, the VholdR can be attached to nearly anything, including helmets, bicycles, goggles, roll cages, and more. Although Twenty20 encourages users to share their videos (using VholdR’s website), it is more likely that users will post their captured videos using more popular networks, such as Facebook and MySpace. VholdR’s suggested retail price is currently estimated to be around 350 dollars.

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For more information about VholdR, please visit Twenty20’s dedicated website.

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