Bluetooth Mobile Conferencing System

The Chicago based Company Callpod has recently announced the Phoenix Mobile Communication System (MCS). The new system was designed to provide a seamless and simultaneous hands-free communication in a conference configuration. Utilizing Bluetooth technology, it allows up to five users wearing headsets to communicate with each other in full duplex over a more than a 300,000 square feet area.

The main target market of Callpod’s new product is industries that need their communication solutions to have integrated conference features. Big law firms or real estate companies, for instance, could perform team meetings without the need to physically be at the same room. Furthermore, Callpod tries to reach out for the military sector as well, claiming that tactical operations could use the Phoenix MCS instead of the current expensive communication devices. However, Callpod hasn’t addressed their new product security capabilities, which might be crucial in such sectors as the military.

In addition to its portability, the Phoenix MCS has several advantageous features. It is powered by an internal lithium ion battery, providing up to 8 hours of talk time and 120 hours on standby, according to its manufacturer’s specifications. Besides joining five headsets (included), it could also communicate with a cell phone. Moreover, it provides push-to-talk communications among the headset participants, eliminates background noise on each channel, and delivers full duplex audio. Its compatibility isn’t limited to telecom gadgets, as it could communicate with computers as well (via Bluetooth), and besides a regular charger the kit contains an additional car charger.

“The Phoenix MCS can be used in many different situations; from a FEMA disaster recovery situation to everyday retail and restaurant worker to worker communications, and even surgeons communicating in an operating room who are completely covered by protective gear,” said Darren Guccione, Callpod‘s CEO and co-founder. “The Phoenix is designed to be highly versatile in that it does not rely on landlines, wall outlets, wires or speakerphones.”

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For more information on the Phoenix MCS, see the product’s webpage.

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