LED Drumsticks

The California based Company TAC (The Ant Commandos), a provider of wireless video game music peripherals and accessories, has developed illuminated drumsticks for Rock Band and Guitar Hero World Tour Drum Sets. When a player strikes them, the entire body of the drumstick lights up in either flame red or electric blue, thus providing a visual stimulation in the form of a light show that compliments the sound created.

Playing Guitar Hero World Tour or Rock Bandwith the strike-activated whole body LED illumination drumsticks can prove to be quite a colorful experience. “When performing with TAC’s new Illuminated Drumsticks, Rock Band drummers will literally be the highlight of the band” said Jesse Manwill, Senior Manager, Product Management at TAC.

These drumsticks are made out of a durable, transparent polycarbonate material and are larger in diameter than regular drumsticks. In addition, a comfort grip provided by the handle area means they won’t slip away in a long playing session (which could be hazardous).

In order to reduce the thumping noise, the tip of each drum stick is coated with silicon. The two AAA batteries included should last months under normal playing conditions, states the company. The wooden drumstick alternative will cost about $20.

TFOT covered the Blackbird Rider – an acoustic guitar with full-bodied sound in a highly portable package – 30% smaller than a traditional acoustic guitar. This was achieved thanks to the material chosen to construct this unique guitar – carbon fiber. TFOT also covered KORG’s KAOSSILATOR Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer – an extremely compact-sized, portable synthesizer, and TENORI-ON – Yamaha’s digital musical instrument.

More information about TAC’s illuminated drumsticks can be found at the company’s website.

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