Are You Being Watched?

C&C Technology are co-inventors of the SpyFinder, a personal gadget used to detect and locate possible hidden cameras. It offers personal privacy protection which might be especially needed as we hear more and more stories about hidden cameras found in hotel rooms or locker rooms and wonder if someone is invading our privacy.

The SpyFinder works on the principle of optical augmentation. It uses a ring of ultra-bright LEDs which are arranged around its viewing port, in order to locate a hidden camera via the light reflected back from those LEDs. When scanning a room with the SpyFinder, the light from the hidden camera will be reflected along the same path as the incident light, thus giving away the camera’s position.

Using the SpyFinder is quite simple, as all that is needed is looking through the viewing port and activating the LEDs while scanning the desired area. Even a pinhole camera would be detected this way and appear as a very small bright spot. Of course, other objects might reflect back the light as well, so in order to make sure that a camera is indeed hidden in the suspected location, one has to slightly move the vantage point. If the reflection remains fixed to its position then that is a camera; otherwise it is not.

They SpyFinder can work continuously for over two hours and it is powered by two AAA batteries. This personal camera detector costs around $95.00.

On May 3rd, 2004, the SpyFinder was featured in the CBS show “CSI Miami,” where it was used to discover concealed pinhole cameras which were used to spy on acquaintances in an exclusive neighborhood.

TFOT recently covered a six-inch robotic spy plane, modeled after a bat. Its purpose is gathering data such as sights, sounds, and smells in urban combat zones and transmitting the information back to combatants in real time. TFOT also reported on the development of miniature spider-like robots, which will be capable of carrying out intelligence-gathering tasks in places that are too dangerous for soldiers to enter.

More information about the SpyFinder can be found at the SpyFinder website.

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